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The right POS system carries out daily procedures with efficiency - taking the hassle out of a disorganized operation.

Smooth-running businesses rely on their POS systems to handle a multitude of tasks, which is why it is crucial to select the brand that offers the features you need.

But you're in luck, as we'll be listing the best pos systems for each business type.

Scroll down to see the top POS systems for every industry.


Lightspeed has been one of the leading cloud-based POS systems for more than a decade. With a wide range of clients, including well-known businesses like Goodwill, Five Guys, and KemperSports, this cloud-based POS system is very versatile and works with a variety of business types.

Coffee Shops

Lightspeed is one of the best overall coffee shop POS system options with a feature-rich set of software and hardware tools, including raw ingredient tracking, customizable floor plan options, a quick service mode, and on-screen tipping.

You’ll find an array of top-tier food service features at competitive prices, as monthly fees start at only $39 with Lightspeed's annual contract.

Plus, with mobile ordering and customer loyalty programs, there are plenty of features to maintain a thriving local customer base.

Lightspeed coffee shop POS system


Similarly, Lightspeed provides a wide range of quality features in its restaurant package that can be helpful for bakeries of all shapes and sizes. With ingredient level tracking, you can keep an eye on all of you are raw goods, from sugar to flour to food coloring and more.

Other important features found within this bakery POS system include product management, employee tracking, and customer relationship management.


The best winery POS solutions require wholesale tools and subscription-based features. 

Though Lightspeed does not have a specific winery POS system, this popular cloud-based point-of-sale software provides a wide range of competitive features to streamline your winery business. You can use the high-end inventory control system to track your product across several locations or use the lightning-fast checkout features to process your customer's orders efficiently. 

With the included customer relationship management features, you can implement club member discounts on all of your wine products.



Lightspeed offers the best all-in-one point-of-sale solution for restaurants, including plenty of features, such as reservation management, raw ingredient tracking, and a customer-facing loyalty app. 

The monthly fee of $69 makes it one of the most affordable restaurant POS systems and well in reach of most mid-range, full-service establishments.

Thrift Stores

There are many important features to look out for in a thrift store POS System, including barcode labeling, receipt emailing, and custom inventory tracking. Whether you run a nonprofit or for-profit thrift store, Lightspeed has an excellent thrift store POS system with all of the cutting-edge features. 

Any thrift store that requires a robust Inventory management system will appreciate the in-depth tools found within light speeds POS software. The $69 per month starting price comes with a robust set of features, such as multi-product bundling, unlimited barcode generation, and employee tracking.

Liquor Stores

If you are a liquor store owner that prioritizes reporting, analytics, and management tools, then you will surely love what Lightspeed POS has to offer. This POS system starts off at $69 per month and offers a wide range of liquor store-centric features, such as inventory management and age-restricted e-commerce.

Lightspeed has long been geared toward independent retailers looking to transition into the digital age. With so many liquor stores selling online, as well as those selling in-store with the need for branded receipts and complex management tools, Lightspeed offers one of the best liquor store POS systems with several Integrations to fit the custom needs of your business.


Without a quality POS system for your supermarket, you can end up with backed-up checkout lines, incorrect weight scales, and expensive maintenance service calls, making your operation far more complex than it needs to be. 

ShopKeep by Lightspeed is one of the most intuitive Supermarket point of sale systems available today, with monthly fees at just $69 and unlimited 24/7 support included. 

Lightspeed best supermarket POS systems

With ShopKeep’s POS system, you can enjoy integrated payment -processing and security deposit capabilities. 

The register POS Hardware utilizes a wide range of features specific to supermarkets, including personalized layouts and an offline mode that allows you to continue scanning and processing payments, even when the internet is down, making it one of the best supermarket POS systems around.



Toast POS

If you want to optimize the day-to-day functions of your bar, then having a bar POS system like the one from Toast is extremely beneficial. 

This Android-based POS solution offers a number of advanced features, such as employee tracking, split bill functionality, pre-authorized payments, and advanced POS reporting and analytics, making it one of the best POS systems for bars. You get 24/7 technical assistance, perfect for your after-hours business. 

The cost for this POS system starts off at $79 per month for a single terminal and an additional $50 per month will be added for each additional terminal that you need.


Toast POS also happens to offer the best POS system for hospitality on the market. Some of the top features found in this point-of-sale solution include contactless ordering, third-party integrations, and mobile POS capabilities.

24/7 technical assistance and hands-on training for your employees is available for you when you need it.

You will also find many key restaurant and hospitality features, including payroll management, inventory management, server management, kitchen communication, payment processing, and mobile ordering. Toast even has a wide range of mobile POS capabilities that it supports,  helping to bring your business into the 21st century.

Food Trucks

As one of the top POS providers for restaurants, it is no surprise that Toast also also serves as one of the best POS for food trucks on the market as well. Top features include custom menu items, inventory tracking, menu costing, and real-time analytics. 

You get 24/7 support, allowing your food truck business to operate day or night. With a wide range of portable POS hardware, it is easy to take all of your data with you on the go. The system is also designed to accept payments offline, making sure you can continue selling even when you run into a dead spot.

Fast Food

From marketing to customer management to inventory tracking and beyond, there are many specific features to look for in a great fast food point-of-sale system.

Toast's intuitive Android-based point-of-sale system wraps all of those features and more into one of the best fast food POS solutions on the market today. 

Toast Pos for best fast food

With restaurant-grade hardware, including dust and splash-proof handheld and countertop POS hardware, Toast has just about everything you need to streamline your fast-food operations for the long run.


Whether you are building the next great pizza franchise or running a local, neighborhood-friendly pizza joint, you need a system with the right features to help simplify the management of your daily operations. 

Toast offers one of the best pizza POS systems for full-service or sit-down pizzerias. You'll find a wide range of restaurant-focused features, including menu management, tableside ordering, self-order kiosks, and customer-facing displays.
We love the online ordering system, which provides digital receipts for customers and customized tip percentages.


Toast Self-Ordering-Kiosk

To streamline or automate your in-store kiosk, you'll need a top-notch POS system to help. The Toast POS system can reduce errors and complications in your kiosk system, all while optimizing your inventory management and increasing your employee productivity. 

Toast offers a wide range of industry-specific hardware that integrates with customizable menu systems. This customizable self-s-service kiosk POS system works well for coffee shops, bars, restaurants, or any similar business. 

There are plenty of features to love, including online ordering, reporting, analytics, inventory management, and team management, making it one of the best kiosk POS systems for small business owners.


Retail Stores

There is no better way to scale and smoothly run your retail business than with a top-of-the-line POS system. 

Square has taken over the retail POS industry within the past decade, offering robust POS capabilities for small businesses without very much capital. The POS system starts off for free, and you only have to pay payment processing fees.

Square Retail Stores

Even in the free version of Square, you get customer purchase tracking tools, reporting and analytics tools, robust sales and inventory management, and a wide variety of e-commerce features for selling your products online.

On top of all of that, Square has a wide range of POS hardware options for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from iPad-based countertop units to handheld terminals, making it the best POS system for retail in the industry.



There is no doubt that running an efficient drive-thru can be a challenge, especially if you don't have the right POS system at your disposal. 

Upserve was made specifically for restaurants and has a range of drive-through management features to track customer purchases and keep tabs on drive-thru window sales.

To help your employees work through fast-paced orders, the system uses a Quick Serve mode and an intuitive interface to reduce human error. 

Upserve Drive-Thrus Pos

One overlooked feature found on the Upserve drive-thru POS system is the included heat map, which provides a clear view of the busiest times throughout the day.

At only $59 per month starting, you get plenty of value with one of the highest-quality drive-thru ordering systems & POS software on the market.


Hair Salons

Shedul-best-Salon-software POS

A salon can't simply use the same POS system as a restaurant or retailer. Specialized features are required for appointment-based businesses to simplify their daily operations. 

Schedul is one of the best salon POS systems for salon owners who want access to the industry's most cutting-edge features. The system is free with paid add-ons and comes with daily sales tracking features, reporting and analytics, and staff commission setup. 

The POS software makes it so easy to schedule appointments and manage the information from your bookings and clients, all while tracking sales and managing complex inventories. With an incredibly intuitive dashboard, you can keep a bird's eye view of the entire operation of your business from one place.


Nail Salons

Clover offers one of the most extensive nail salon POS system solutions. With its robust feature set, you can use Clover to manage your inventory, handle stock orders, and connect with your clients. 

One of our favorite features found in Clover’s software is the Salon Scheduler app, which allows you to schedule appointments, set custom service hours, collect customer data, and send out appointment reminders via SMS, all from your Clover system dashboard. 

Clover Pos

Beyond that, Clover is a completely cloud-based POS solution, allowing you the freedom to take your business with you no matter where in the world you may be.


Convenience Stores

Netsuite Pos

Though it may seem expensive at $99 per month, Netsuite offers a vast array of convenience store features which help keep management organized.

Some of the top features found in this POS system include credit card processing, Inventory management, employee management, receipt printing, and delivery. The in-depth POS software gives you a real-time look at your sales, inventory, and customer behavior. As your store continues to grow, you can easily modify your NetSuite POS system to mold to your new needs. 

Like you might expect from any great convenience store POS, there are also a number of excellent third-party Integrations to choose from, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.


Gas Stations

Standard POS functions don't cut it when running a gas station. Great gas station POS systems have industry-specific features, including inventory management for the adjacent convenience store, loss prevention data, and single pump integration. 

You will find all of this and more in the AccuPOS system. This multitasking POS system runs on Android and PC devices, using cloud-based computing to manage the automated tasks of your gas station in real time. You'll find a plethora of unique features, including powerful accounting tools, clock-in integration, and stock management, making AccuPOS one of the most well-developed gas station POS systems around.


TAI Club Management

Country Clubs

TAI Club Management

The last thing you need is an outdated or inefficient point-of-sale system to antiquate your country club. 

TAI Club Management is one of our top picks for country club management service providers, offering a wide range of software solutions aimed at the country club industry. From event management to food and beverage sales to reservations and retail to membership tasks, every feature you need to run a successful Country Club can be found in NorthStar Group’s TAI Club Management Solution. 

Note that TAI Country Club Management software offers quote-based pricing, conveniently allowing you to choose the included modules that are most relevant to your business so that you don't end up paying for software that you'll never use.


Golf Courses

There are a multitude of moving parts in the golf course business, including everything from the course to the retail shop to the restaurant. To keep track of employees, golf instructors, on-course services, members, and more, a high-quality golf course POS system is crucial. 

Teesnap is our top pick for the best golf course POS systems. This specialized software can handle every aspect of your golf course operations, from the course to the clubhouse. Even with such a comprehensive package, the system is surprisingly user-friendly, allowing staff to be trained quickly and efficiently. 


There is a user-friendly system for booking tee times, food and beverage capabilities that allow servers to take orders using iPads, and a robust set of customizable reporting features that you can use to consolidate data from multiple locations, excellent for multi-course businesses.

We have yet to find any other golf course POS systems as in-depth as this one.



Agilysis Pos

Agilysis Is one of the best POS systems for resorts, large hotels, small hotels, and growing hotels. With custom pricing and a wide range of hotel-centric features, including online payments, self-serve kiosks, and room management, This system makes it easy for hotel managers to keep up with multiple locations at once. 

You can find all of the features on the user dashboard, helping you manage your desk operations, restaurant, minibars, and more from a single location. Customers can use Agilisys pay to make online room deposits. 

Then, as a hotel manager, you can create secure payment authorization methods and specify charge limits. 

If you are looking to cut back on operational inefficiencies and manage your hotel with ease, Agilisys is a highly popular hotel POS system.

Rev Parts Management Software

Auto Parts Stores

From tracking stock levels to analyzing sales trends, having a high-quality auto parts POS solution can coordinate your auto parts business operations.

Rev Parts Management Software Is a completely cloud-based POS solution, complete with back office tools, inventory management features, customer relationship management features, and warehouse management solutions.

The easy-to-use dashboard and outstanding customer support are two of the aspects that make this quote-based POS solution such a standout in the auto parts industry. Rev Parts is the clear winner on the auto parts inventory POS software market, allowing your business to operate on either fixed markup, fixed price, or hybrid pricing model.

Rev Parts Management Software


Dry Cleaners

CleanCloud POS system

CleanCloud Is a cloud-based dry cleaner POS solution that works on iOS and Android devices.

You'll find a wide range of features, including inventory tracking, garment condition photos, customer reminders, customer loyalty programs, and peripheral support for all of your dry-cleaning POS hardware needs. 

With an array of high-tech features and a totally customizable dashboard, there are infinite ways to run your dry-cleaning business with CleanCloud. Check out our best dry cleaning POS software systems guide to learn more.



For a top-of-the-line florist POS solution, we recommend FloraNext. 

This solution comes with order tracking, website integration, and in-depth reporting and analytics.

At only $29.99 per month, FloraNext offers a unique range of delivery tools and customer reports, which can easily be integrated into your floral business.

FloraNext POS System


Marijuana Dispensaries


At $249 per month, IndicaOnline Offers one of the most comprehensive cannabis POS systems on the market.

With this seed-to-sale POS software, you can minimize human error and automate the cannabis transaction process with integrated delivery and age restriction features. 

You'll find a wide range of inventory tracking features, sales and analytics features, and robust POS hardware to manage the different aspects of your storefront.


Jewelry Stores


Piro is an incredible all-around jewelry store POS management solution.

In fact, Piro is the only jewelry store POS solution that helps store owners maintain an eye over their manufacturing process, all while managing sales and maintaining customer relationships. 

With production management tools, inventory tracking tools, end a high-quality digital catalog layout, Piro outperforms its jewelry store POS software competitors.

Rapid Gun Systems

Firearms Businesses

Rapid gun systems is a POS solution that was specifically developed for certified gun stores. This distinctive gun store POS software covers all firearm store operations, from gunsmithing to shooting range management and beyond.

Beyond your standard POS tools, this system simplifies the legal compliance aspects of running a gun store. We highly recommend taking advantage of the EZFacility add-on, which handles bookings and payments for your shooting range.

Rapid Gun Systems


Car Washes


ezWash Is one of the top car wash POS systems, and is packed full of cutting-edge analytics, vehicle identification technology, and robust membership programs. 

The interface is easy to use, and the membership program is one of the best for customers who continuously use your car wash.

We love the system's ability to identify vehicles based on their license plate numbers, storing the vehicle data in the system to give customers the car washes they came for during each visit.

Bravo Pawn Systems

Pawn Shops

Bravo offers a specialized point-of-sale POS and retail management solution for pawn shops, thanks to its wide range of specialized management features and quality customer service.

You'll find a variety of tools to enhance your pawn shop operations, including loan management, jewelry management, and firearms compliance, making it some of the most versatile pawn shop POS software available today.

Bravo Pawn Systems

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