Dry Cleaning POS Software Systems Guide

With the dry cleaning business having a market size of $5 billion in the United States alone, it is easy to image that point of sale (POS) companies are niching down their software to specifically cater to dry cleaning. 

This opened up a dry cleaning software market that allows POS companies to make features and functionality that is specifically designed for the dry cleaning and laundry business. Automated garment tracking, driver and customer apps, loyalty program support, e-mail and SMS notifications, marketing and integration with management systems can be found in many of today’s dry cleaning software and POS systems.

Using POS dry cleaning software that is fine-tuned to your business allows for smooth and more efficient operations as apposed to using a generic POS that isn't designed with your exact business in mind.

Read below as we dive into the 5 best POS dry cleaning software systems!


Customer Support


Special Features

cleancloud logo

#1 CleanCloud

Starts at $21/month

Online chat, help desk, phone 24/7

Cloud, iOS, Android

Peripheral support, payments, loyalty points, notifications, reminders, tracking, garment condition photos, inventory

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#2 Enlite POS

Starts at $49/month

Phone, tutorials, knowledge base, online chat, ticket system business hours

Mac, Cloud, Windows, iOS, Android

Loyalty programs, multi or single store, fast customer processing, customizable

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#3 StarchUp

Starts at $99/month

Online chat 24/7, blog, help page

Cloud, iOS, Android

Cross platform POS, wireless printing, customer app, payments

Fcs logo

#4 FCS Laundry


Contact form, online chat, ticket system, phone, e-mail 24/7

Windows, iOS, Android

Automated workflows, laundry tracking, integration with property management system

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#5 Geelus

Starts at $9/month

Web form, online help


Customer loyalty, employee management, inventory management, marketing, multi-role app

#1 CleanCloud 

CleanCloud covers everything expected in a dry cleaning POS.

Peripheral support, payments, loyalty points, notifications and reminders, laundry tracking, inventory, and 24/7 technical support.

One of the more unique features of CloudClean is garment condition photos, where images of dry cleaning articles can be uploaded, to help identify any damage or wear and tear to dry cleaning.

It also has the easiest to use sale software section with every feature imaginable that allows you to track every transaction, revenue as well as having new customer features, making it the leading sales system software in the dry cleaning industry.

Tech Features

CleanCloud is a wonderful point of sale tool, which is packed with powerful and easy-to-use features for your store. There are email and SMS notifications, barcode scanner reports, payments, tag and receipt printing, heat seal support, and a platform that is completely customizable for just about any device.


One of the best things about CleanCloud is that it is totally customizable. There are different options for pick-up and delivery, hosted website integration, multi-store and plant, payments, hardware, marketing, analytical reporting, and security.

The customizable features allow you to create and batch invoices, track your staff, create automatic reminders, assign rack locations, and create multiple price lists.


Free POS Systems Quotes from BuyerZone.com

The payment plan that Clean Cloud offers makes it one of the most flexible programs out there. You can use the basic package for $25 per month, which includes Clean Cloud as Saas. With $25 every month, you can create 150 orders per month with unlimited customers and staff accounts.

You can also upgrade to the standard program, which gives you 1,500 orders per month, a free hosted website, and 24/7 email support, atop the unlimited customers and staff accounts.

Bottom Line

Whether you run a small business or a large business, CleanCloud is top-notch POS software. It can work in more than one location at once, helping you to gather metrics on different stores.

#2 Enlite POS

Enlite’s cross platform POS has essential features that every dry cleaning business needs.

Highlights include payments, customer management, racking system, routing & delivery, mobile app, and integrations. 

This dry cleaning POS also features a minimalist, yet colorful and intuitive interface, and is very reasonably priced, starting at $49 per month, per location.


Some of the top features on the Enlite POS include Email marketing, customer accounts, employee management. Invoicing is easier than ever with various clothing categories and the ability to add up charges with different details, including materials, colors, custom notes, and more.

Custom unit pricing is part of the software, which allows you to define a specific unit and unit price to ring customers up quickly and easily. Of course, you can also use manual pricing for when those unexpected situations roll around.


Enlite POS has a free trial to start you off, and when you begin paying, the price is $49 per month per each location. The number of locations you can have is unlimited.

Bottom Line

Enlite POS is a revolutionary cloud-based software that is perfect for companies who want to work in a mobile situation, no matter how small or large the company.

#3 StarchUp 

Servicing the needs of small and medium dry cleaners is the StarchUp POS solution.

This cross platform system is simple to use, and has an easy-to-understand, flat rate pricing model.

This dry cleaning POS system is powered by customer engagement features that are sure to keep clients happy and loyal.


StarchUp allows you to access your CRM, order statuses, productivity reports, and employee activity, all on just about any device you choose. Whether you’re in the back of the van or lounging at home by the pool, it is easy to view your productivity reports. The software makes use of convenient SMS and email communications to help improve your overall productivity.


The StarchUp POS software pricing starts off at $99 per month per store. You can use unlimited POS terminals With this pricing, you get printing, cloud storage, HR management, technical support via chat, and more.

Bottom Line

StarchUp is a top-of-the-line cloud-based suite with all of the necessary features for one to manage point of sales, communications, deliveries, and more.

#4 FCS Laundry

FCS Laundry is a different kind of dry cleaning solution.

This laundry operations management system that integrates with FCS other hospitality management products.

FCS Laundry does however contain useful features that are found in other dry cleaning POS systems, such as automated workflows for dry cleaning management and deliveries.

Technological Features

FCS automatically keeps track of your laundry collection, as well as your deliveries and charges. It doesn’t matter if your dry cleaning operations are outsourced, in-house, or a mixed operation. You can easily manage the time of your delivery, as well as the quality of cleanliness.

FCS is the leader of hospitality technology at this moment. There are well over 8,000 FCS software installations in over 5,000 different establishments across the planet. The great thing about FCS is that you can add jobs to your system immediately. In this way, you make sure that none of your laundry ever gets lost, as it is monitored while it moves through each step.


FCS has a ton of unique add-on tools, one of which helps you and your business to go green. If you are a dry cleaner that is looking to reduce your carbon footprint, the green features on the FCS can do the job. You can use the inventory control to minimize your linen replacement, for example.


Pricing is not available on the FCS website, so you’ll have to reach out to the representatives at the company to ask about pricing for your particular business.

Bottom Line

Overall, FCS is great for all kinds of laundry and linen management activities, though best for large hotels that have more than 300 rooms, including casinos and major resorts.

#5 Geelus

Geelus is by far the best priced out of the top 5 dry cleaning POS systems.

This fully featured system should appeal to many small and medium sized dry cleaning companies.

This cloud-based POS comes equipped with CRM, marketing, and loyalty program support; inventory and employee management; and a multi-role mobile app.  

Technological Features

The great thing about Geelus is that it can be used on any device that is connected to the Internet. Whether you choose to use a PC, Mac, smart TV, or iPhone, is totally up to you! Because it is cloud-based, you aren’t required to back anything up. You can access the system anywhere at any time while everything is synced automatically so that you never have to worry about all of your information being lost.


Geelus is made exclusively for dry cleaners. The services on their POS system fit the services of a dry cleaner very nicely. There are an array of customizable tasks, pricing, items, services, charts, and invoices. The software includes a an affiliate tracking system that gives you access to the best features.

Geelus takes all of the input data and creates charts that are based on your orders for every day, week, and month. The employee performance charts are easily accessible as well, allowing you to see how your employees are working and how much work they are doing.


The best thing about Geelus is that it is 100% customizable. For example, you can send out customized emails to your customers every time one of their orders is ready. You can also create rewards programs for loyal customers.


Geelus has tons of different pricing options, which range from completely free up to $165 per month, perfect for both small and large stores. Each of the pricing tiers gives you access to unlimited notification services.

Bottom Line

With the ability to manage multiple stores from one interface, Geelus is one of the top cloud-based POS systems for dry cleaners out there.

Important Criteria to Consider Before Selecting a POS System for Dry Cleaners

Consider the scale of an operation when selecting a POS for dry cleaning. Some support single store and multiple sites, while some are optimized for one or the other. Larger companies may require integration with other systems, while smaller ones might need an all-in-one solution at a reasonable cost.

Think about how a POS system can create a better customer experience. Loyalty programs, faster processing, flawless delivery, garment tracking, and a driver or customer app are all features that improve dry cleaning operations and keep customers happy.

Here are a few specific considerations to look out for when choosing the best POS system for your dry cleaner business.

Industry-Specific Software: While there are many different types of POS software solutions in the industry, you’re much better off getting one that is tailored to dry cleaning. This is because industry-specific software has features, such barcoded garments, that are specific to dry cleaner businesses. Of course, you also want to make sure that your POS software can integrate with other types of software that to help meet the demands of your customers.

Scalable: You may want to grow your business one day, and for that, you’ll want a system that can scale. Some POS systems are designed to grow with businesses. If you have many stores, you should be able to make changes to all those systems at once with a single change.

Good Customer Service: One of your primary goals as a business should be to make sure that your customer experiences are positive. With customer-oriented features, including set preferences, quick ticket options, loyalty programs, etc., you can make sure that your customers feel they’ve had a great time, every time.

User-Friendly: It’s common for these types of businesses to have high turnover rates. You’ll want your system to be easy to use so that you can train people quickly. Of course, for your loyal employees, you’ll want them to feel happy using an intuitive system that is easy to understand and set up.

Tech Support: Things go wrong, hopefully not often, but some things are simply unavoidable. When something does go wrong, you’ll want to find a solution fast. For this, you’ll want to find a company that offers solid tech support. This can include a knowledge base, tutorial library, responsive phone support, communicative technicians, and live chat/phone call capabilities.

System Requirements: There are many POS systems that can be easily installed on systems that already exist, though there are also many that require you to buy new hardware. Make sure that you check the system requirements very carefully to determine whether or not you will need different hardware to get going.

ROI: Just as with any investment in the business world, you’re going to want a piece of software that has a value, which far outweighs the short-term costs in the long run. Even if the system is expensive up front, it may hold its weight much better than other systems as time moves forward. Cloud-base solutions, for example, can save you major upgrade costs in the future.


How much do dry cleaning POS systems cost?

In many cases the top dry cleaning POS systems charge a monthly subscription fee, anywhere from $9 to $99 to start. Plus additional fees for each location or each device.

Some POS systems, however, have a wide range of different prices depending on the features that you want to have integrated on the system.

Like we said before, invest a bit more, and you could end up seeing better returns in the long run.

Final Verdict - Which POS System Should I Get?

Delivering the best all around POS for dry cleaners is CleanCloud. This POS system with appeal to almost all dry cleaning companies and has the highest customer satisfaction. 

In addition to payments, CleanCloud’s dry cleaning POS has the features for marketing and operations management that every company needs to manage workflows and satisfy customers. 

Click below to view details and pricing.

Our Pick - CleanCloud

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