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With a top-tier laundromat POS system at your side, you'll be better equipped to handle the various tasks of your business. The right laundromat POS software can help keep track of your customers, implement loyalty programs, and manage drop-offs, ultimately increasing profits.

The last thing you want to do is select a POS system that doesn't suit your needs.

Luckily, you've come to the right place.

We'll help you make an informed buying decision. Continue reading to see the 5 best laundromat POS systems on the market today.


Top Features

Best For


Order tracking, customer relationship management, delivery management

Best delivery features


Customer relationship management, employee theft prevention, inventory tracking

Best hardware options

$25 per month starting

Marketing services, multi-store operation management, hardware compatibility

Best for multi-location businesses

$49.99 per month starting

Receipt and tag printing, campaign tracking, turn-key branded apps

Best for growing laundromats


Trackable refunds, reporting and analytics, cash reconciliation

Best for independent laundromats

The Top 5 POS Systems For Laundromats

Cents POS

If you're looking for sophisticated, all-in-one laundromat POS software, we highly recommend checking out the system from Cents POS.

This software solution is great whether you manage a single store or numerous locations. 

You can make use of numerous high-quality features, such as sleek POS hardware, pickup and delivery services, employee management, and more!

The order management system is very robust, allowing you to manage employee information, monitor orders, and manage the processes of each order in a single place.

You can even see which machines are running and at what cycle stage each is at. Next, Cents POS offers a wonderful customer relationship management system that you can integrate seamlessly with your business website to enhance your marketing campaigns. 

The system will deliver full insights into your daily operations, and allow you to make forward-thinking decisions for the future to create the best customer experience possible.

Pair all of that with the delivery management system, which offers one and two-way delivery at a very little cost. You can even take advantage of this Cents system if you don't have drivers.

As for the pricing, Cents is very flexible with its customers. No matter what kind of service you need for your laundry business, Cents can find pricing tailored to you, so you can make sure you're boosting your bottom line.

From sharp business insights to a robust operation management system, Cents delivers a full-fledged POS system that can cover each step of the management process, allowing you to focus on things that are more important in your business.


  • Very easy-to-use software
  • Excellent customer support options
  • Cents will work to find pricing that fits your business


  • Fairly new system, so you may expect some bugs

It's hard to choose the "best" POS system for the laundry business, especially when it comes to Cents and Wash-Dry-Fold, as they are both equally great. This unique POS system was tailor-made for the laundry business with wash-dry-fold and drop-off in mind. In fact, this POS system was designed by a laundromat owner who was struggling to find a high-quality, all-in-one solution for his entire business.

The beauty of Wash-Dry-Fold POS is that it is robust, yet easy to use. The functions are simple, allowing business owners to get the most out of their system without battling through a steep learning curve.

One of the main reasons we love Wash-Dry-Fold so much is that it comes with a complete hardware set to get you started. 

The company's sleek tablet-based POS terminal is certainly the flagship product, and it comes with a handy weight scale and integrated till. For bag labeling, you can even take advantage of their label printer.

Most independent laundromat owners want an all-in-one solution with hardware that they can predict that costs of, yet so many POS systems don't come with hardware. Wash-Dry-Fold doesn't waste your time.

There are many excellent features that make up this top-of-the-line POS software, one of which is inventory management. The handy inventory tracking feature keeps an eye on your stock using detailed inventory tools, enables barcode scanning, discount pricing, and factors in sales tax.

Wash-Dry-Fold also has one of the best employee theft prevention tools, with exception reports and till tracking. It's easier than even to hold employees accountable in the case of cash loss. Plus, with an integrated smart scale, thieves will find it more difficult to get away with things.

Of course, as you probably expected, Wash-Dry-Fold also comes with solid CRM features. The company knows how difficult it can be to manage growing relationships as customer bases continue growing. Luckily, there are many features in this CRM software that allow for customer preferences. For example, this system can send out automated texts when a customer's order is ready to be picked up.


  • Has all of the solutions a laundry business could need
  • Easy-to-use POS software
  • Robust inventory management features


  • You may expect a few bugs due to the system being fairly new

CleanCloud has been around for quite some time and is one of the best POS systems for laundromats that have multiple locations. The beauty of CleanCloud is that it is also meant for laundromat owners to take steps in expanding, as CleanCloud POS systems can work on just about any deeply integrated hardware you've already invested in.

The depth of this system is pretty unrivaled, making it a solid choice for laundromats, dry cleaning businesses, or hybrids. If you're the owner of a single small laundromat, this system might be a bit overwhelming and complex.

However, for those that are running a business with multiple storefronts, this POS system offers support for pickup, delivery, lockers, and more, across numerous locations.

What's even better about CleanCloud is that it offers high-end marketing services, allowing you to build your own secure hosted website where people can make one-time payments, advanced payments, or use pre-paid laundry cards.

The cloud-based software screams "modern," ordering all of the services and management software you could need to run a high-volume business. One thing that CleanCloud certainly prides itself on is its compatibility. With great hardware support, you can connect CleanCloud with just about any receipt printer, cash drawer, cash register, barcode scanner, heat sealer, and more.

It's important to note that CleanCloud does not sell its own hardware. If you're just starting your laundromat business, you might consider going with another company first so you don't have to spend time sourcing all of the hardware yourself.


  • Excellent for laundry businesses with several locations
  • Complex system that can do just about anything
  • Detailed insights


  • Does not sell any hardware

If you're looking to add delivery services or expand your business, WashClubTrak is one of the best POS systems on the market.

The ecosystem of this company is pretty massive, accommodating a number of different laundromat and dry cleaning operations, whether for drop-off or in-store.

However, the platform is geared towards pickup services, wherein a customer will have their laundry picked up by a driver and returned to their door after it goes through cleaning. If you already have this service in place, WashClubTrak is a great choice.

However, if you don't care to add this pickup service to your existing business, an alternative software solution might be best.

There are many great laundry industry-specific features to note in this point-of-sale system beyond the pickup and delivery apps. These include receipt and tag printing, SEO-friendly mobile website creation, and detailed analytics.

WashClubTrak works well with taking pressure off of several otherwise challenging point-of-sale functions, from app creation to website development. Plus, WashClubTrak offers affordable delivery, thanks to the fact that they have pricing tiers based on the needs of the laundromat owners.

Wash and Fold

CurbSide laundry put out the Wash and Fold POS software a few years back and it has slowly become one of the most intuitive pieces of POS software tailored to small businesses.

Don't let its simplicity fool you, however, as Wash and Fold is a complete service for modern laundromats that can handle more than simple cash transactions or over-the-counter sales. You'll find plenty of high-end features, such as robust reporting and analytics, automated order tracking and acceptance, a delivery service, and dry cleaning.

When it comes to pricing Wash and Fold made it so that its system was customizable and based on quotes.

For example, you can get a lower quote if all you need is a cash register and a modern POS system. On the other have, if you're looking to provide more complex cloud-based operations, such as a delivery service or in-depth reporting, you'll likely receive a higher quote.

The functionality built into this system is certainly something to write home about. The system comes with a built-in card reader and a sleek, modern touchscreen. It even allows for a cash drawer or thermal printer attachment.

There are many features built into the Wash and Fold system, though one of the most notable would have to be the inventory management system. This laundromat POS system manages and tracks your inventory, notifying you when certain products are low in stock so you can order more. If there are any discrepancies in your products during employee shift changes, the system will notify you. It does the same thing with cash discrepancies too.

We also love the fact that this system provides trackable refunds. If a customer provides their contact information, you can track any refunds they receive for any type of transaction.

Beyond that, the level of detail in the reporting and analytics section is unparalleled. You can find all of the information you need regarding the entire ordering process for one or multiple locations.

There's no reason you won't enjoy Wash and Fold POS software designed specifically for independent laundry businesses.


  • Tons of great features for those new to the business
  • Very reliable and surprisingly extensive software
  • Continuous updates to cater to industry changes


  • Not optimized for Apple or iOS systems

What Should I Look For In A Laundromat Point Of Sale System?

Pickup and Delivery Service Support

Most of the laundry industry POS systems above offer some sort of support for delivery and pickup. As the industry tells us, customers want a concierge-style experience when it comes to their laundry and dry cleaning.

Order Tracking

We're in the Amazon era and there is no way of getting around that. People want to be able to track their laundry and dry cleaning orders at every step with rich automation features. The best laundromat point of sale systems offer high-end order processing and tracking features, sending out notifications when orders are ready for delivery or pickup.

Even more in-depth systems allow you to set customer preferences for specific customers, which is great if you have loyalty programs in place.

Hardware Support

No matter what kind of laundry or dry cleaning business you're running, the last thing you want is to feel left in the dust when you have hardware issues. You want a provider that will be able to offer support when you need it most.

When you purchase POS hardware, it's easy to get excited about your sleek and shiny machines, forgetting that they may end up causing you problems in the future. Make sure you have an outline of the type of support for hardware you'll receive when you purchase through a POS vendor.

Ask whether you're locked into the hardware that comes with their point-of-sale system, or if you have the ability to add your own.

Inventory Management

You should get all of the same inventory tracking features you'd find in point-of-sale systems for retail businesses, as you likely have to worry about the same amount of inventory.

Make sure you take time to evaluate the inventory features offered by the point-of-sale vendor before making your purchase.

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Final Thoughts

If you run a laundromat, you probably know that competition can be fierce and margins can be thin. If you want to keep one foot ahead of the competition, you'll need to find a laundromat point-of-sale solution that can take care of daily operations so you can focus on helping your business grow.

Gathering price quotes from multiple vendors can take a lot of time. With our FREE service, you'll get the lowest point-of-sale quotes from multiple providers at once without spending a dime. Answer the few quick questions below to get started!

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