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The 3 Best Country Club Management Software Providers

Quick Answer:

1# TAI Club Management - Top Pick for Country Clubs

2# Square POS - Best Value for Money

3# DiningEdge - Best for Country Club Restaurants

#1 Top Pick for Country Clubs - TAI Club Management

TAI Club Management logo
TAI Club Management

Part of the Northstar Group, TAI provides a complete set of software solutions aimed specifically at the club market.

There are a whole host of features to support private clubs of all types, across a range of tasks from memberships and reservations to retail, food and beverage sales, and events management.

Their quote-based pricing allows you to pick and choose the relevant modules, so you'll never end up paying for software you don't actually need.

Reservations and Scheduling

Designed with tee and court times in mind, but equally capable of handling all manner of scheduling operations including dinner reservations, caddy assignments, and tournament set-up, this is one of the most feature-rich reservations modules I've seen.

In addition to letting you set up an unlimited number of bookable courses/facilities, members can make their bookings via a mobile app and you get access to scheduling reports with analysis by member or membership category, event type, etc. complete with no show tracking.

One of my favorite features with this module is that, when a member books multiple facilities or services, they receive a full itinerary to help them stay on track from their early morning round right through until dinner.

Membership Management

From user-friendly online membership inquiry forms to customizable membership categories and member spending analysis, the TAI club software makes this central aspect of country club management run like clockwork.

It's easy to process applications, manage membership fees, and set minimum food and beverage or retail spend thresholds for accessing extra member benefits with TAI Membership Management. All this means less time on admin tasks relating to your members, freeing up staff to focus on looking after them and providing memorable experiences.

Point-of-Sale and Retail Features

The TAI Retail Point-of-Sale module is so impressive it's a wonder they don't market it more heavily to retail stores beyond the club sector. With powerful payment features like integrated multi-currency credit card processing, a member credit book, tournament and league billing, and full integration with the reservations system, you have everything you need to handle the financial transactions associated with your club.

The inventory and sales analysis tools are no less comprehensive, while TAI also offers a separate but equally comprehensive POS system to manage your food and beverage sales, recognizing that users have very different needs from the two systems.

#2 Best Value for Money - Square POS

To find another POS and management system which can compete with TAI Club Management software, I had to look beyond the providers aiming specifically at that market, many of which only focus on one or two specific aspects. This brings us to the award-winning Square POS, which provides point-of-sale solutions to a broad range of sectors, having some very handy capabilities for country clubs as a result.

Retail, food and beverage, and appointment scheduling functions are all covered by Square, all with high-quality hardware options and a reputation for excellent customer service.

Other than the core POS features, Square offers a lot of the advanced functions as either add-ons or integrations, so be sure to work out exactly what you want your system to do if you want to get an accurate picture of the overall cost.

Customer Relationship Management

Although Square doesn't have a dedicated membership management module per se, you'll still find most of the features you'd be looking for in one. Membership fees can be treated as "subscriptions", whilst the customizable loyalty rewards system allows you to create tiers or types of membership with their own distinct benefits.

Where square really shines is in customer engagement and marketing. You'll be able to track members' preferences for retail purchases, tee times, and meals, using these to provide tailored communications and incentives which give a level of personalization your members are sure to appreciate.

Managing Bookings

Square POS is well adapted to scheduling and managing bookings, having worked successfully with many clients in the spa/salon and health and fitness industries. Square Appointments gives a quick and easy process for bookings, shows reservations on your schedule coded by whether paid or payment pending, and integrates fully with Google Calendar so you, your employees, and members can view the booking from any compatible device.

There's also an automated reminder service that helps to keep members on time for their bookings and reduce no-shows.

Food and Beverage

Square's restaurant POS has all the ordering, inventory, and menu management features even the swankiest fine dining establishment needs, and at a price that is affordable for even small clubs providing simple food and beverage options.

One of the highlights is the drag-and-drop table layout feature, so if you're having to rearrange the dining room to accommodate several large bookings, you can find a configuration that works before starting to shift the furniture around.

Bulk menu additions are also very useful, allowing you to set up seasonal or even daily menus which can be swapped in and out of the active ordering section of the POS at the touch of a button.

#3 Best for Country Club Restaurants - DiningEdge

DiningEdge logo

Although, as the name suggests, DiningEdge started out primarily as a web-based restaurant point-of-sale and management software company, they also have features and associated software covering many other operations essential for country clubs.

Users have been particularly impressed with their shift scheduling and integrated accounting capabilities, in addition to the food and beverage-specific aspects of the software.

Restaurant Management

With integrated menu and inventory systems, you can create fully costed menus including modifiers, with images and even videos linked for customers ordering via a tablet, mobile, or online through your website. Menu changes can be made quickly via a user-friendly interface, so your servers are always up to date with specials, availability, etc.

If you're also using OrderEdge for your ordering, you can create purchase orders for ingredients or restaurant equipment effortlessly. What's more, if you're ordering equipment from one of the many members of DiningEdge's partner program, you can earn rebates on many items.


ScheduleEdge allows you to create full schedules for the different roles in your country club in minutes. Your employees get a notification of their shifts for confirmation, and you can see when they've checked and accepted their schedule for the week. This feature helps reduce absences and improve punctuality.

Schedules can also be adapted in running, so if you suddenly find there are a lot of bookings coming through for the restaurant, shop, or spa, on a particular day, you can fire off an amended shift schedule to see which of your off-shift staff are able to fill the gaps and maximize your capacity.

Accounts and Reporting

The AccountingEdge module integrates seamlessly with most major accounting software providers, so the data you send to your accounts team can be used directly in their preferred suite. With automated tools for ensuring entries are accurate, consistent, and auditable, AccountingEdge not only helps you avoid costly errors but also helps you streamline daily tasks and financial decisions.

Factors to Consider when Buying

Country clubs are complex businesses with several distinct but overlapping aspects.

Payment Processing

With different facets to your country club business, you're going to want different ways for your customers to pay. While restaurant bills or purchases from the golf pro shop will usually be done in person by cash or debit card, booking deposits, membership packages, or tickets to special events are often best arranged online through an eCommerce portal.

Having a point-of-sale system that incorporates as many payment channels is vital to the flexibility of your operation. Meanwhile, you also want to ensure the charges paid for processing payments are competitive so as not to cut too deeply into your profit margins.

Member Management

Knowing your members is clearly crucial to running a successful country club. Similarly, knowing their regular guests and other prospective members is key to building and maintaining member relationships right from the get-go.

An excellent member/customer relationship management (CRM) package will allow you to collect information for your customer database every time someone engages with your business. This all builds into customer profiles including address and contact details, DOB, purchase histories from tennis racquets to wine choices, and can even tell you which other members they like to dine with.

All this knowledge can be used to inform the creation of targeted promotions, customized membership categories, birthday gift cards, event seating plans, the possibilities are practically endless. Your members and guests will get experiences that really feel personal, which is great news for both your reputation and bottom line.

Restaurant Management

Even without considering the rest of the country club, a restaurant is a complicated enough business to operate. You need a point-of-sale solution capable of helping with table management, menu building, inventory control, and generally facilitating the whole dining process from ordering right through to calculating the tip.

One really useful advanced feature to look out for is ingredient-level availability tracking. That means the dishes on your menu are linked to the individual ingredients in your pantry. Therefore, your servers should never be caught off guard by the popularity of one dish using up a key ingredient of another. If your restaurant software also facilitates menu modifiers, the affected item can either be 86ed or adjusted as per the chef's instructions with no disruption to service.

An added advantage of linking ingredients to dishes is being able to use the purchase prices of food items alongside their menu price and popularity for reporting and monitoring the profitability of each item on the menu.


Whether you're taking bookings for golf tee times, tennis courts, personal training, or spa treatments, the best country club software can take appointments, send out automated reminders to reduce no-shows, and provide reports with insights that help you optimize the usage of your facilities.

Identifying your busiest and quietest times for particular facilities or services lets you decide when to rota extra staff, create discounted time-slots, and work to avoid dead time.

Final Verdict

For a country club owner, it's well worth checking out the bespoke systems from TAI Club Management Software first. However, if the company's quote for the set of services you require comes back as a bit too high for your budget, Square POS is a very capable alternative and may well save you money.

If you're looking for a POS primarily aimed at the restaurant at your country club, take a look at DiningEdge. However, there are limits to which other aspects you can expect this system to handle so one of the other two may remain the better option overall.

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