Jewelry Store POS Software

If you are not currently utilizing a jewelry store-specific POS system, you are missing out on an easy way to streamline and optimize your business.  

We selected the 4 best jewelry industry-specific POS systems that will integrate seamlessly into your current operation. 

Read on to select which of the 4 is right for you based on the benefits and features each option has to offer. 

POS Systems


Hardware Options

Key Features

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Starts at $99/month


Amazing all-around jewelry store management solution

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Starting at $69/month


Powerful software with easy to use interface

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Excellent material and resource management

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Astounding customer support

The 4 Best Jewelry Store POS Systems

Quick Answer:

PIRO – Best Overall POS System

Vend – Best POS system for Artists and Small Stores

ChainDrive – Best POS System for Custom Jewelry

wJewel – Best POS for Customer Service

Piro logo

PIRO is the only jewelry store POS system that allows jewelry stores to keep track of their manufacturing process, manage their sales, and keep up with customer management all on one platform.

Its system satisfies all types of businesses from jewelry retailers to manufacturers, experienced jewelers to hobbyists. And this is why we've named it the top POS system for jewelers. 


PIRO offers three pricing tiers:

PIRO Retail$99 a month per store

  • Provides an android-based application with all of its main point-of-sale features. This is mostly useful for smaller jewelry stores and independent jewelers. 

PIRO Fusion$125 a month per user

  • This is an upgrade to the standard retail offer which includes an expanded cloud-based software for medium-sized businesses as well as affordable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features.

PIRO Enterprise - Requires contact for a quote

  • This version is intended for larger establishments as it promises to be the "most advanced jewelry management system on the market."
  • Along with the features of preceding versions, it provides even more advanced features such as multiple store locations, timekeeping management, Scheduled reports, and more.
  • This also provides an advanced ERP solution


PIRO's effectiveness is shown in its intuitive user interface, robust cloud-based POS software, and impressive digital catalog.

Its features include, but are not limited to the following:

Robust Inventory management

  • Provides effective inventory tracking of the movement of materials and products
  • Receive the latest market prices for metals and gems every day
  • Auto-generate SKU numbers to identify your products
  • Keep receipts of every order you make
  • Much much more

Production management

  • Gives you an overview of all the orders that are in production
  • Your jobs will be categorized by date, customers, and location
  • Allows you to keep track of the times you spend on different activities
  • Provides the ability to create a custom workflow that works for you. So, you can use different processes for different products


  • Allows you to oversee your company's overall activity through your Dashboard
  • Provides reports for sales, inventory, production, etc.

Customer Service Management

  • Allows you to store manage the information of all of your customers
  • You can store your customers' email addresses, order information, shipping information, and more

Digital Catalog

  • Allows you to put all of your items inside of a catalog for you and your customers to view
  • The catalog provides a 360° view of your items
  • Your customers can create their own wishlist

Starting at just $99 a month, PIRO's jewelry POS software offers an advanced sales solution, cloud-based software solution, and retail management solution that is effective for individual jewelers to enterprise-sized jewelry companies for any type of business.

However, since its features are more robust than competitors, this POS system may be the better option for larger companies. 

#2 Vend – Best POS system for Artists and Small Stores

Vend POS Logo
Vend Nail Salon POS

Ease of use is the defining feature of Vend's POS system.

As well as its ability to excel in all other key features required for an effective point of sale system, it provides jewelry store owners with little business experience to optimize jewelry store management.

With Vend, those who specialize in creating custom jewelry, or have decided to turn their jewelry-making hobby into a business can do so knowing that they will receive top-quality service.


Like PIRO and other POS systems, Vend separates its pricing into three tiers:

Lite - $69 billed annually ($829) or $83 per month.

  • Includes real-time inventory management, allowing you to easily track and add products to your inventory
  • 0% Transaction fees. Perfect for new and older businesses
  • Limited to one location/outlet per person, meaning that it's most useful to sole traders
  • Includes turnover limit of $21k per month. To be able to exceed that, you must upgrade to the pro version

Pro – $97 billed annually ($1.2k) or $125 per month.

  • Allows stores to sell through more than one outlet and more than one person at a time
  • No turnover limit
  • Support sales promotions and gift cards
  • Includes integration with the biggest e-commerce and accounting platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce

Enterprise – Requires contact for a quote.

  • Designed for enterprise-level organizations that require much more customization to their business management process
  • Premium API access for advanced ERP and business management
  • Provides a dedicated account manager that will provide you with free unlimited support regarding your workflow and other software aspects, and even free staff training


Vend's system caters to businesses of every level.

With a robust set of features, users can go as deep as they would like to go when integrating the software into their business.

Smaller jewelry stores can make use of their intuitive yet powerful point-of-sale software and their product and sales reports.

Larger jewelry stores will benefit from their impressive customer management and e-commerce integration capabilities.

Here is a small overview of the software's features:

Powerful Mobile POS Capabilities

  • Uses seamless integration between tablets, PCs, and Macs, improving overall in-store customer service and speed of sales
  • Allows offline use and automatically resyncs to sales to the cloud-based storage when back online
  • Creates discounts for particular items or an entire batch of items, allowing you to create special deals for certain customers whenever it is necessary
  • Includes a cash tracking feature that provides an overview of the movement of cash from the point of purchase, reducing the risk of theft or errors

Superb Inventory Control

  • Includes a central product catalog that syncs your entire inventory across all channels
  • Automated stock orders, ensuring your best-selling products will always be in stock by re-ordering them whenever they go below the amount that you set
  • Price management feature that syncs your set prices across all of your platforms and outlets.
  • Provides inventory counts which drastically cut the number of hours spent tallying the number of products in your inventory

Consistent and Effective System Reports 

  • Provides reports separated into categories: brand, supplier, product, etc.
  • Includes automatic end-of-day reports
  • You can track inventory and always know if you have the available material to make custom jewelry items.

Customer Relationship management 

  • Includes a centralized customer database that stores customer data and syncs it with all of your platforms
  • Includes a loyalty program, rewarding customers with loyalty points that they can then use to redeem product discounts
  • Allows you to keep a large database of customer profiles to evaluate what your main target audience is, what items they buy, what outlet they prefer to use, etc.
  • The database also allows you to identify your most loyal customers

Vend's intuitive design and robust set of features make it perfect for businesses of many types and sizes.

The software is generally focused on retail and store management, so this is perhaps the better option for jewelry retailers and jewelry custom designers.

If you plan on buying a POS system for a casting company, you may need to consider other options.

ChainDrive Logo

ChainDrive's complete POS software features, along with its superior material and resource management, make this one of the best point-of-sale systems for all sections of the jewelry industry.

It's particularly useful for casting companies, jewelry designers, and repair stores.


ChainDrive does not offer a price quote for their software online.

Businesses are required to contact them by phone or email in order to receive a quote.


ChainDrive's POS systems separate itself from others with effective material management tools that specifically benefit designers, manufacturers, and repair shops:

Efficient Sales Management Software

  • Includes dedicated integration with their mobile pos system, allowing a categorized inventory overview in real-time
  • Mobile pos system can access customer information, reserve item, instantly search your products by code or description, and much more
  • Provides sales performance overview that allows you to monitor your sales by date, hour, transaction, etc

Product and Inventory Management System 

  • Includes a price management tool that allows you to set the price of your product by numerous categories
  • Provides analytical reports to help determine the effectiveness of your pricing
  • Allows you to assign attributes to all of your products using user-defined attributes, filtering all of your items based on criteria that you've set

Custom Manufacturing

  • Provides jewelry templates that can be expanded on with design notes and required materials—perfect for custom orders
  • When designing an item you can check the system to see if you have any available material for that particular item
  • Whenever you use or sell your material, it will be automatically subtracted from your inventory

ChainDrive's POS system seeks to provide businesses with solutions for every part of the production line from wholesales to manufacturing to retail.

It also is one of the best systems for providing jewelry software tools.

The material and resource management makes this an excellent choice for jewelers who specialize in custom jewelry, costume jewelry, and jewelry casting.

#4 wJewel – Best POS for Customer Service

wJewel Logo

Like PIRO, wJewel (powered by Ishal Inc) was specifically designed as all-around jewelry POS software.

This is a software-only POS system. It does not come with any of the essential POS hardware such as terminals or registers.

However, they do sell bundles for price tagging and inventory tracking.

wJewel has received overwhelmingly positive reviews about its proactive and responsive customer support.

Along with its software also comes free and unlimited training and active support.

"Service is at the heart of our business. More than 50% of the calls to our support team are answered immediately. More than 90% are resolved within 30 minutes of the first call."–Inshal Inc


Like ChainDrive, wJewel does not offer a price quote for their software.

You will need to contact them in order to receive a quote.

They do, however, offer a price quote for their tagging bundle: Four tiers are ranging from $675 to $1500.


Along with the incredible customer support, wJewel comes with a full set of market-leading POS features.

The software is designed to satisfy the needs for accounting, inventory management, imaging, consignments, tagging, system analysis, etc.

Below are a few of the system's key features:

Full Jewelry Store management

  • The system provides full-featured support for nearly every aspect of jewelry stores including but not limited to:
  • Customer relationship management
  • Appraisals
  • Scrap material sales
  • Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Repairs
  • e-commerce integration
  • Consignments
  • Provides a centralized and integrated database that will allow you to manage your sales stock volume


  • Allows you to keep an image of every item in your invoice
  • Allows you to print the pictures of items for invoices, orders, or references for manufacturing
  • Images of the jewelry can be uploaded to your website


  • The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows you to scan hundreds of your products in a matter of seconds.
  • The RFID assigns a unique ID number to each item, allowing you to be able to read through every single item without having to spend hours or days on data entry.

Jewelry Repair Management

  • Allows you to keep track of open repair orders to tell which jobs are finished and which are open
  • Allows you to keep track of your repair jobs with Bar-coded bags, making things much easier to find on the software when necessary

wJewel does have an impressive cloud-based pos solution, however, it does not integrate with any mobile pos system.

That means that is limited to one place.

This system is not ideal for those looking for multi-store functionality or those who prefer immediate ease of access.

However, if you're looking for a full-featured, robust jewelry POS solution with free and unlimited customer support, wJewel is, by far, the best option.

Factors To Consider When Buying

Before buying a POS system, you must honestly consider the particular needs of your jewelry business.

There is no one-size-fits-all software solution, so understand how it is that the POS system of your choice will help your business.

What is your style of business?

If you are an independent jeweler, you will certainly have a different business process than a casting company.

Perhaps you would like to sell your unique hand-made jewelry online; In that case, you will only need the software rather than the entire software+hardware system.

Consider these things carefully.

How many users will there be?

Independent jewelers' needs will be a lot different from a jewelry store with a handful of employees or a jewelry store with multiple locations.

There are POS systems that cater more to businesses of a particular size. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your company's size.

Where is your store located?

Consider whether you intend to sell your products and services in one or more places.

Perhaps you would like to run a small brick-and-mortar jewelry store that will require more than one terminal or maybe you would like to sell online as well as certain artists' markets.

Consider what POS system is best suited to your jewelry store outlets and location.

How many vendors will you need?

One of the most important features of jewelry POS software is tracking your orders for material and resources.

You will need to consider the jewelry vendors you buy from and how many vendors you will buy from.

Most point-of-sale software will allow you to keep track of the vendors you're connected to and how often you buy from them. 

The success of your jewelry store will rely on your ability to manage your production process, your workflow, and your actual point of sale.

In order to get the best out of your POS system, you will need to understand which type is better suited to your particular style of business.

Once you've decided on the best point of sale system for your jewelry store, you can comfortably manage your administrative duties while focusing on providing the best products and services for your customers.

The Final Verdict

These are what we consider to be the best jewelry store POS systems for jewelry store businesses.

The Most Well-Rounded

Overall, we consider PIRO to be the most well-rounded and efficient point-of-sale system.

Starting at an affordable $99 per month, newer jewelry store owners can integrate the system to their style of business with the option to scale up into a larger business in the future.

The mobile integration allows sole traders and small partnerships to travel with a point of sale, and businesses with employees to be more mobile while providing customer service in-store.

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The PIRO POS system can be used effectively with just about every type of jewelry store, and its intuitive interface allows them to take control of their business management process with complete ease.

The Hobbyist

If you're a passionate artist who wishes to turn their hobby into a business, then Vend would likely be the better choice for you, as the ease of access and powerful features will give you just what you need to get your business off the ground.

High-End Retail Management Best Bet

If you're already an established jewelry business with three or more employees, and you're looking to transfer to a POS system more suited to high-end retail management, then something like wJewel or ChainDrive would be more useful for you.

Jewelry Repairs and Appraisals Go-To POS

If you work strictly with jewelry repairs and appraisals or prefer dedicating your time to casting and designing, something like ChainDrive is the right POS software for you.

At the end of the day, the best jewelry store point-of-sale system depends on your type of business.

Take time to evaluate your business needs and decide which point-of-sale system will allow you to successfully run your jewelry store.

Our Pick - PIRO

Our Rating