Best Liquor Store POS Systems

We tested 18 brands of POS systems and chose the top 3 that have a proven track record for success in liquor store operations. 

While each of our top 3 picks would fit the bill, read on to see which brand has the features that would best accommodate your business's specific needs.   


Best For


Top Features

Business owners who prioritize analytics and management tools

$69 to $229 per month

Total inventory management, several integrations, eCommerce friendly

Best user-friendly POS

Customer-based pricing

$69 to $249 per month

Total inventory management, several integrations, eCommerce friendly

ID scanning, online ordering, multiple payment processing options

Inventory tracking, delivery tracking, 

food-service layout

The Top Three

#1 Number One Pick: Lightspeed Store POS Software

Already have one foot in online integration and looking for a liquor store POS system that will make taking the plunge simple and straightforward?

Then Lightspeed POS System is the perfect choice for you.

This is one of the best pos systems, featuring easy integration with Quickbooks, and is geared toward independent retailers.

Their killer POS software allows you to control inventory, catalogs, special orders and discounts all from your Mac or Ipad.

Other special features like employee management tools and branded receipts make Lightspeed a winner in the liquor store POS system game!

Our Lightspeed Retail POS Software Review guide provides more industry insights.


  • Featured analytic tools for products, employee management, and inventory analysis
  • Free, easy setup


  • Monthly payment plan
  • Some complaints of software glitches by users

ShopKeep's accessibility and user friendly interface helped catapult it the the top of our list.

Featuring state of the art, cloud based, iPad integration, this killer store point of sale software is perfect for medium to small size businesses looking for something that treats employees and customers equally well.

Featuring a flat monthly fee, ShopKeep provides all users the same benefits including the ability to accept a variety of payments, integrated accounting, marketing, time management and payroll features.

Head over to ShopKeep POS Reviews to learn more.


  • All features available to all clients
  • Flat monthly fee, no hidden charges
  • Mobile app and Ipad integration


  • No table layout
  • Need external hardware (Ipad) for use
  • Telephone customer support costs an extra premium

#3 Number Three Pick: TouchBistro POS System

Another easily integrated liquor store POS software coming in at number three, TouchBistro features an easy to learn interface that can be geared toward quickservice POS food sales.

An obvious choice for any liquor store that also features a deli or other food service aspect, you can easily track inventory, split checks, fulfill orders, and track deliveries, all from your Apple device.

If you're interested in incorporating this system into your liquor store, visit TouchBistro POS Reviews.


  • For food service retailers of any size
  • Easily integrates with Apple hardware
  • No long term contract
  • Easy and intuitive for employee usage


  • Cloud support and a local server required, may not be achievable for smaller operations
  • Complex initial set up
  • Not compatible with Android or Google devices
  • Not a viable option if you don't sell food

Still haven't found your match made in heaven? Keep on reading to see the other worthwhile additions to this list!

Honorable Mentions: 

Easily integrated into your existing technology, the Square POS for liquor stores provides simple, affordable access to credit card transactions as well as a plethora of other features.

Simply pay the low, flat credit card processing fees and start taking orders without skipping a beat.

Concerned about extra hardware? When you sign up for the service, Square ships your Apple-friendly credit card reader directly to you, free of charge! With a simple, clean interface, and a low flat rate on swipe transactions, taking card payments has never been easier.


  • Ipad can be purchased through Square to ensure compatibility
  • Low flat rates are affordable for small and large liquor stores alike


  • May not be compatible with older Ipad models
  • Designed for on the go transactions, may be feature light for some users

Easy to use, highly customize-able, and designed to save you time, the Upserve POS system is a great POS system for your liquor store.

Allowing you the flexibility to streamline your back end operations, as well as analyze and manage your month to month sale performances, this killer system is trusted by thousands across the country.


  • Features free facebook ads
  • No extra charge on online orders
  • No extra hardware required


  • Some features not available with the basic subscription

So, What is A POS System?

Maybe you're old school. You've been dealing with cash only for as long as you can remember, but you've also always wondered what a little technological advancement could truly do for your business. Trek on to find our (rather abbreviated) breakdown of what the right POS can do for your business.

A Point of Sale (POS) system is, in short order, the system you use to accept payments, be they cash, card, or touch technology. They've taken many forms over the years, but have been around for about as long as businesses have been operating. That old beat up cash register you used during your first job at the supermarket? Maybe your first boss preferred recording transactions by hand and kept every sale in a book. Yup, both of the above are POS systems! All it means is the place where business transactions are taking place, no fancy computer required.

Yet in today's ever changing world, Point of Sale systems have become synonymous with technologically advanced devices that allow retailers large and small to effectively run and manage their business. Replacing historically popular cash payments and paper ledgers, many modern devices allow owners and operators to perform a plethora of tasks such as accept payments, manage stock and inventory, perform accounting analyses, and even run employee payroll tasks. Some of the models we've reviewed will sweeten the deal by allowing you to store customer data, run special campaigns, and enable coupon or gift card use.

Move on to our next section to see how you can sift through all the advertising and pick the liquor store POS device that is perfect for you.

But, How can I choose?!?

I know, there are a lot of options out there! But the most exciting part of having your own business is just that, it's yours! You get to choose when, where, how, and why you work. Because of that, your liquor store is going to vary drastically from the one down the block. Maybe you're old school and have a workflow in place for inventory, scheduling, and purchase orders, or maybe you're a techie looking to take your whole operation online. Maybe you have a huge staff and want to keep employee management tasks easy and accessible. Or Maybe you prefer a hands off approach to customer service and can't wait to kick back and run things from the comfort of your own home. In short, there's no "one size fits all" answer when it comes to picking the perfect POS for your liquor store.

Extra Features

You may be thinking "what's the difference?! Don't they all just take credit card transactions?!"

While, in their most basic form, that's essentially the just of it, they can (and should!) do so much more. Even out of devices and software we've discussed here, no two units are exactly alike.

Want to optimize the back end of your business? There's a POS with enhanced features for inventory management and purchase orders. 

Free POS Systems Quotes from

Want to easily reach out to customers with incentives like gift cards, sms text messages, appointment management, and more? Well, there is a POS that specializes in that too. But again, it all comes down to what you need for your liquor store. If you don't know, not even the most tricked out liquor POS on the market can't help you!

User Interface

At the end of the day, all modern liquor store POS systems are just specialized pieces of technology, or software that takes advantage of tech you already know. And as is the case with any tech, user experience is a key component when choosing between models. If you, or more importantly, your employees are unable to properly use and understand the POS you buy for your liquor store, you might as well not have one at all!

Some integrate easily with software and hardware you already own, like an Ipad or computer, providing a simple POS solution that should be accessible to most adults. Others are an entire system in themselves, featuring their own touch screen, cash drawer, and other features, and most likely requiring a little more training to familiarize oneself with. It's important to identify which will better suit your and your employee's needs so you can make the right decision.

Customer Support Capacity

No product is perfect. So where do yo go when you need help running your fancy new liquor store POS software? To customer support of course! Be it by phone, email, or online chat, a good customer support team equates to peace of mind. No matter what the issue is you know the money you spend goes right back into ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Be on the look out for companies with ominous testimonials of less than stellar support. That will lead to nothing but headaches, delays, and ultimately have a negative impact on your business.

Final Verdict - Which of These Liquor Store POS Systems is Right for Me?

The Lightspeed POS system is the best option for liquor store owners of all shapes and sizes. It accepts a variety of payment methods and allows you to run your entire operation from the cloud. 

A flat, monthly fee and a variety of user friendly features will be sure to satisfy you, your employees, and, most importantly, your customers for years to come. 

Tyler Connaghan Author

Tyler Connaghan

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