Nail Salon POS System

One of the best ways to simplify, automate and streamline your nail salon is with a top-of-the-line POS system. 

We tested 24 of the most commonly used POS systems in the beauty industry and narrowed it down to just 6 winners by using a checklist criteria specifically for a nail salon business. 

Read below as we compare these 6 brands to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

POS System



Customer Support

Special Features

Clover logo

Hardware varies,
Then 2.3% + 10c per credit card transaction

Multiple options available: Touch Screen with Tap, Swipe, and Chip Reader

Online, Email, and Phone

Multi-Layered Security System, Variety of extra Apps for customizability

Square Salon logo

Hardware varies, then 2.6% + 10c per credit card transaction

Multiple options available: Touch Screen with Tap, Swipe, and Chip Reader

Online, Email, and Phone

Easily Manage Inventory, eCommerce functionality, Customer data retention, and financial reporting

Shopkeep logo

Contact for Rates

Multiple options available: Touch Screen with Tap, Swipe, and Chip Reader

Email and Phone

eCommerce integration, Online Ordering, Gift card compatibility,

The Top Six

#1 Pick: Clover POS for Salons

Overall Best POS for Your Nail Salon

Clover POS is the best POS system for salons because of its flexibility.

For example, the Salon Scheduler app allows owners to set service hours, schedule appointments, collect customer info, and even send out SMS appointment reminders.

Additionally, the Clover system comes with an extensive suite of applications, providing software for you to do everything from control your inventory, handle stocking orders, and connect with customers.

Unlike other systems, Clover can readily accept your patron's preferred payment method, be it credit card processing, debit card processing, cash, mobile payments, and more.

As if that wasn't sweet enough, this POS solution is completely cloud based, so no matter where your small business takes you, your POS will be fully functional while you're on the go. With multiple models to choose from, including the impressive Clover mini pos system, it really is the best of the best.

Head over to Clover POS Reviews for more industry insights.


  • Multiple payment methods easily accepted
  • Cloud based for ease of relocation and data protection
  • Affordable
  • Widespread app support provides one stop shop for all your problems
  • Multiple models available to suit your needs


  • Some features that would seemingly be included in the base package require a separate app

#2 Pick: Square Salon POS

Best POS to Integrate with Other Technology

Easily integrated into your existing technology, the Square for salons POS provides easy, affordable access to credit card transactions.

When you sign up for the service, you're shipped your square POS for free, and the rest is history! Simply pay the low, flat credit card processing fees and start taking orders like it's nobody's business!

If you have a larger operation, Square for Retail is quickly becoming one of the top scan and search pos systems for salons and other retailers across the country.

With a simple, clean interface, and a low flat rate on swipe transactions, taking card payments has never been easier.


  • Ipad can be purchased through Square to ensure compatibility
  • Low flat rates are affordable for small and large salons alike


  • May not be compatible with older ipad models

 #3 Pick: ShopKeep Salon POS

Most User Friendly Pick for Your Salon POS

Another Ipad based POS for nail salons, we found ShopKeep POS to be the most user friendly interface out of any of the models we've compared.

The basic package comes with an impressive feature set, including inventory management, easy scheduling, and staff and customer data retention tools.

One of the best features about ShopKeep is that you can still easily process transactions offline! No more worrying about the internet being out when a customer goes to pay.

Additionally, ShopKeep POS is effortlessly compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) ensuring both you and your customer piece of mind!

As if it wasn't competitive enough, all you have to pay for you Shopkeep salon POS system is a monthly fee of $49 per terminal. That's it!


  • Works on AND offline
  • Inventory management tools make stocking a breeze
  • Easily retains customer and staff data for usage
  • Compatible with gift cards, and coupons as well as credit and debit cards
  • Flat Monthly credit card processing fees


  • Complaints abound about customer support services
  • No cloud based data retention

Originally intended for the ever expanding fitness industry, the MindBody POS is perfectly suited for the everyday tasks you're looking for from a nail salon pos system.

Easily set up and ready to roll straight out of the box, MindBody is great for tasks such as scheduling appointments, accepting payments, and even generating sales reports.

Another cool feature provided by MindBody is a robust online customer support system. It allows your clients to schedule their appointments, pay for services online, and even join a waiting list without ever having to set foot in your brick and mortar salon.

With multiple options for payment plans, there's sure to be an option that suits your ever expanding small business!

Visit MindBody POS Review for more information about the features that come with this system.


  • Multiple monthly payment plans, no individual credit card processing fees
  • Online features make client interfacing a breeze
  • Sale reports easily tracked throughout time
  • Custom mobile app


  • Some features are restricted unless you spring for the tier payment options

While not specifically designed with nail salons in mind, Vend is nonetheless a capable software and is highly regarded in the point of sale industry.

Similarly to ShopKeep, one of Vend's main bonuses is that you can process transactions without an internet connection, giving you the flexibility to run your payment system no matter what the issue is with your wifi.

Options for tracking staff and customer data add to the draw, and Vend makes it easy for first time users to add products, users, registers, and more, really allowing you the flexibility to grow your business as you see fit.

Much like Mindbody, Vend offers users a variety of payment plans, set on an either monthly or annual renewal.


  • Works offline
  • Tools for reporting sales, tracking data, and business management
  • Custom receipts
  • Accepts a variety of payment methods including mobile
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Multi-station support


  • Tech support comes at an added cost

A fully integrated pos software designed specifically for salons, spas, and beauty parlors, Blue Jay has an awesome suite of features sure to make any user happy.

Appointment scheduling, product retail, tip acceptance and payout, customer service, commission pay, client marketing, and even rewards programs are all standard features straight out of the box.

While that may sound like a lot to learn, many user testimonials claim it takes no more than 20 minutes to become familiar and proficient in the majority of it's uses, allowing you to take the headache out of training new staff and getting them straight to work.


  • Client data retention and marketing tools, including a loyalty program
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sales reports can be sent on a custom basis
  • Flexible payroll functions


  • Integration with touch screen may require extra hardware before use

FAQ: What Should I Be Looking For in a POS System For My Nail Salon Business?

The most exciting part of having your own business is just that, it's yours! You get to choose when, where, how, and why you work. In line with that, every salon is going to have different needs out of their POS system. Maybe you're old school and have a workflow in place for inventorying and scheduling, or maybe you're a techie looking to take your whole operation online. Keep on reading to see what features you should be paying attention to when shopping for a new POS.

Extra Features

You may be thinking "what's the difference?! Don't they all just take credit card transactions?!"

Well, yes. But also so much more. Even out of the POS systems we've discussed above, a variety of bells and whistles can be found, no two systems are exactly alike.

Some are simply nothing more than that, a credit card reader, but others are full blown technological innovations, allowing you to schedule, contact customers, generate reports, order supplies and more with ease.

Want to optimize the back end of your business? There's a POS that specializes in that. Want to easily reach out to customers with incentives like gift cards, sms text messages, appointment management, and more? Well there's a POS for that as well. But again, it all comes down to what you want. If you don't know, even the most tricked out POS on the market will help you!

User Interface

At the end of the day, all modern POS systems are simply specialized pieces of technology. And as is the case with any tech, user interface is a key component when choosing between models. If you, or more importantly, your employee is unable to use the POS you buy for your salon, you might as well not have one at all!

Some integrate easily with software and hardware you already own, like an Ipad, providing a simple pos solution. Others are an entire system in themselves, featuring their own touch screen, cash drawer, and other features. It's important to identify which will better suit your and your employee's needs so you can make the right decision.

Customer Support Capacity

No product is perfect. So where do yo go when you need help running your new nail salon pos software? To customer support of course! A good customer support team equates to peace of mind. No matter what the issue is you know the money you spend goes right back into ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Be on the look out for companies with ominous testimonials of less than stellar support. That will lead to nothing but headaches, delays, and ultimately have a negative impact on your business.

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Final Verdict - Which of These Salon POS Systems is Right for Me?

The Clover POS system is the best option for the majority of Nail Salons out there. The Clover POS software accepts a variety of payment methods and allows you to run your entire business from the cloud. Flat fees per transaction and a variety of user friendly features will be sure to satisfy both you and your customer for years to come. Don't wait, upgrade your POS today!

Our Pick - Clover POS

Our Rating

Clover Salon POS

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