Optical POS Software

With large quantities of patient data, insurance information, and inventory, having a competent point-of-sale system for your optical store is critical for keeping everything managed.

The last thing you want to do is invest in the wrong POS system.

We're here to help. We've comprehensively researched the market and will explain the features of the 4 most popular optical POS systems.

Let's take a look at these high-quality options.

Optical POS Systems

VisionPro POS


  • Best bundle of features
  • Customer prescription RX Management features
  • $1,500 per license

FlexOptical Pos


  • Best for multiple locations
  • Integration for eCommerce platform
  • Quote-based pricing

iVend Retail Pos

iVend Optical

  • Best for optometry practices that have retail stores
  • Tray fulfillment feature
  • $160 per month starting

EyeCloud Pro Pos

EyeCloud Pro

  • Best completely cloud-based software
  • Top-notch reporting and analytics
  • $260 per month

The 4 Best Optical POS Systems


VisionPro is one of the best POS system solutions for optical stores available today.

While this system's reviews show tons of positive feedback, for your sake, we'll tell you a bit more about why it's one of our favorites.

Beyond the slew of great features that VisionPro has, our top selling point is their customer service.

You get 24/7 support and training for new employees, perfect for bringing your staff up to speed quickly on an already intuitive system.

It is also one of the most feature-rich POS system options on this list, including several marketing features, reporting and analytics features, inventory management features, and more.

The patient management system is one of their most noteworthy features, allowing insight into patients' balance information, demographic data, and allergies right as they walk into your store. You can think of this as a patient chart, perfect for providing the most personalized patient care possible. You'll always know when a patient is ready for refills, and you can store information from the lab in each patient's chart.

The appointment scheduling feature is more than helpful, making it quick and convenient to book appointments for your patients and incorporate visits from non-patients. The software not only makes it easy to view your appointment schedule at a glance, but it also makes it simple to transfer and reschedule appointments as necessary.

The last feature worth mention is the RX Management feature, which provides patient prescription information. You can edit and print prescriptions in a heartbeat as well as search for current and expired prescriptions using VisionPro's color-coded system. The interface is very easy to navigate, one of the reasons this POS software is so popular.

Once you find the prescription in your database, you can create corresponding invoices, access patient physician information, track lens information, and check the RX date or expiry. If you're a larger optical store, you'll be happy to know that the RX Management feature allows for unlimited prescription options.


  • $1,500 per license


  • VisionPro does not offer hardware

Payment Processing:

  • VisionPro does not offer payment processing


  • Tons of high-quality features to choose from
  • Exceptionally keeps track of patients
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to train employees


  • Software has been reported to run slower over time

FlexOptical is our top pick for businesses with multiple locations. With such an intuitive system, it's easy to get customers in and out the door quickly. You'll find multiple industry-specific features to enhance the customer experience, such as the Direct-to-Lab processing feature.

FlexOptical also has one of the most extensive inventory management systems for total operational efficiency. You'll find cloud and web-based capabilities with plenty of unique tools.

The insurance tools integrated into this optical software collect and store clients' past and present insurance information. The software also collect important customer data such as group numbers and ID. 

Having this data in your system, makes it easy to determine the best way to apply fees throughout the ordering process.

The order management tools found within the Flex Optical system are just as robust, allowing you to manage the status of each order that comes into your shop. This particular point-of-sale software allows you to get an overview of each order's progress on a single landing page. And to enhance visibility for employees, the system color-codes by the type of order, such as spectacle and contact lens orders.

FlexOptical integrates seamlessly with eCommerce platforms, perfect for helping you create or maintain additional revenue streams for your store. If you don't already have an eCommerce platform, you can use Vision Web Integration. This powerful platform uses an interface which acts as the storefront for your online shop. Your patients will have a much easier time putting in orders for spectacles or contact lenses without ever having to step foot in your store.


  • Pricing is quote-based


  • FlexOptical does not offer hardware

Payment Processing:

  • FlexOptical does not offer payment processing


  • Robust set of management tools
  • Great for running multiple locations with data sync
  • Vision Web Integration for eCommerce


  • Does not have a free trial

The iVend Retail POS system is an optometry industry powerhouse.

It's also one of the most versatile point-of-sale solutions, as you can run the software on any device, whether that be iOS, Android, or Windows. 

This system is surprisingly direct, considering that it is packed with features nothing short of industry-specific.

iVend Retail was made for single-location retail stores, offering comprehensive tools for day-to-day management.

You'll find virtual studios, back-office functions, and in-store operations tools.

Retailers tend to boast about how effortless it is to integrate this POS system into their optical business, as the system is ultra-flexible and highly configurable.

Whether you're a distributor or manufacturer, there are plenty of great iVend Retail features to note.

For starters, this system allows retailers to provide customers with digital passes. These passes allow businesses to focus on customer engagement without having to go through the challenging aspects of recalling technical data.

If you want an even more flexible solution, you can use the unplugged version of iVend Retail, which allows business owners to operate independently of a central management system. Essentially, the iVend platform works for merchants that run online or offline and has the scalability to work with businesses that plan on growing.

For this reason, we also highly recommend iVend Retail for new businesses. As you grow, we guarantee you'll come to appreciate the multi-user and multi-location capabilities this POS offers.

We love the lens treatment mapping matrix feature which allows you to keep your lenses organized based on color, material, or type. You can see your entire inventory from the Maser Data view, which you can then use to mix and match combinations of treatments, lenses, or contact lens options for different customers.

Another unique feature is the Tray Management feature, which helps manage orders placed at your store. This feature represents orders, meaning specific prescription glasses or contact lenses, as "trays," even if they are all part of one order. However, the beauty of the software having all orders in one tray is that you can see which parts of the orders are fulfilled and which aren't. This feature even shows smaller accessories within orders, such as clips or frames.

Lastly, the patient communication features are great for enhancing the customer experience. You can optimize your marketing, engage with your patients, and manage appointments, all from one place. No matter how your patients prefer to get in touch with you, whether by email, voice, or two-way messaging, iVend offers a range of communication capabilities. Overall, this POS solution simplifies workflow immensely.


  • $160 per month


  • Pricing is quote-based

Payment Processing:

  • iVend Retail does not offer payment processing


  • Excellent multi-location capabilities
  • Great for retailers
  • Solid omnichannel capabilities


  • Relatively high upfront payment

EyeCloud Pro is one of our favorite cloud-based solutions for optometry businesses.

It has straightforward usability, yet is still packed full of helpful tools to overcome the challenges you face within your business. 

Whether you're an optometrist who owns your own practice, an optometrist retail chain, or an optical shop owner, you'll find that the features in EyeCloud Pro will help you run a more efficient and profitable business.

You'll find tons of integrated EMR features in EyeCloud Pro, including customizable EMR templates, automated annual exam reminders, system-suggested diagnostics, prior exam referencing, and more. 

If you want to upgrade your system, you can even introduce integrated e-prescribing, which is great for getting your customers in and out the door faster.

There are also plenty of great elements for managing the back-end portion of your business. The reporting system is all-encompassing, giving you access to data and sales at the click of a button. When you need to interface with your patients, you can get in touch with them via text, email, or phone, perfect when sending out receipts or notifications for prescriptions.

You can even post payments and create invoices in a pinch!

However, one of our favorite things about EyeCloud Pro has to be inventory management. The built-in tagging integration allows you to better organize your inventory by using certain descriptors. It will then send you real-time inventory reports based on your location. If you have multiple locations, all of that inventory data can be stored in a singular cloud location.

Unlike the other POS solutions on our list, EyeCloud Pro comes with integrated payment processing, thanks to its partnership with Fullsteam. The fees are based on a number of factors, meaning you'll have to get in touch with EyeCloud to find out more. However, we can say that many EyeCloud users have saved a lot of money by using EyeCloud's credit processing.

With so many great cloud-based tools, EyeCloud Pro can help you deliver the best-possible in-store customer experience.


  • $260 per month


  • EyeCloud Pro does not offer hardware

Payment Processing:

  • Pricing is quote-based


  • Integrated payment processing
  • Tons of patient communication options
  • Real-time inventory reports


  • The inventory management feature has been reported to be confusing and overwhelming

What to Look for In An Optical Shop POS Solution

A quality EMR solution should provide you with all the tools you need for enhanced patient care, such as overviews of health records and order management. Here are a few aspects you might consider looking for when shopping for the best POS solution:

  • Patient Management Tools - These tools should allow you to collect important patient details, such as insurance, payment preferences, demographics, family linkage, etc.
  • Inventory Management - Having industry-specific tools to track various inventory items such as contact lenses, sunglasses, frames, and other accessories, can help you manage your stock more efficiently.
  • CRM - Optimize your profits with customer relationship management features, such as loyalty programs and SMS reminders.
  • Integrations - Get a solution that allows for third-party integrations. These assist with functions outside the realm of your primary business, such as accounting integrations, diagnosis integrations, etc.
  • Invoicing and Insurance Management - Reduce wait times for patients and make data transfer easier using auto-fill functions and automated patient processing.

The Bottom Line

Our intention was to help you narrow down your choices and ultimately find the best optical shop POS software for your needs.

With any of the options above, you'll get industry-specific features, data management tools for making informed decisions, point-of-sale capabilities, and everything else needed to maintain a successful business and make profitable transactions.

The system you choose should have essential POS tools such as reporting, sales management, order processing, and patient scheduling. Try to find a system that is intuitive, or that has a training mode to help get your employees up to par.

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