Gas Station POS Systems

We tested 23 brands with criteria for a gas station business and narrowed it down to 7 winners. 

The proper setup for a gas station offers much more than just the normal POS functions.

There are industry specific POS systems that offer custom functions like simple pump integration, convenience store inventory management, loss prevention data and much more. 

Read on as we compare each of these 7 winners and help determine which is right for you. 


Best For


Top Features

Total Customization


Clock-in integration, Quickbooks charged, powerful accounting tools

Inventory control


Handheld inventory management, tons of included hardware, easy accounting tools

Best for inventory and reporting

$249 monthly

200 reporting features, kitchen and food prep tools, and lottery, beer, and tobacco functions

Best for all-around use


Price management, contactless payments, customizable video functionality

Best for gas stations with many pumps

$99 monthly

Cashier pump control, inventory management, wet stock replenish


$79 monthly

Age-restriction software, inventory management, employee tracking

Square POS

Ease of use

Starts at $0

Apple product integration, included card reader

The Top Seven

Our Number One Pick: AccuPOS for Gas Stations

At the top of our list is AccuPOS, an awesome, integrated POS solution for all your gas station needs.

This is the best POS system due in part to its ability to be completely customized. Users love AccuPOS because it's a multi-tasking beast in a conveniently (pun-intended) sized package.

Built to run off PC and Android devices, their cloud based computing system allows you to monitor and manage your gas station business in real time from anywhere in the world with a stable wifi connection.

With a plethora of desirable features such as speedy accounting integration and complete stock management, AccuPOS is a surefire way to ensure your profits and your business continue to grow, into the next decade and beyond.


  • Total accounting integration
  • Powerful stock management
  • Easily customizable
  • Flat monthly fee, and a free trial for new users
  • PC and android friendly
  • Simple and Intuitive for new employees


  • Some customers report long wait times for customer service calls

Coming in at number two on the list, POS Nation is another great, customizable option for smaller business operations.

Feature forward with fantastic stock management, multiple hardware options, and easy purchase order integration, POS Nation allows you to track sales, accept a variety of payment methods, even code hot keys without having to think twice or spend countless hours training up employees on a new system.

With great customer reviews and simple set up, integration, and usage protocols, POS Nation is sure to catapult your gas station as the best go-to spot in town.


  • Great source for feedback on sales, customer retention, and other metrics
  • Easily send promotions to customers
  • Offer online, phone, and email support
  • Straightforward to learn and teach new employees


  • Doesn't integrate with existing hardware (i.e. Ipad or other device)

Our Number Three Pick: Petrosoft POS

Coming in hot at number three is the Petrosoft POS System for gas stations.

As one of the first point of sale systems to fully integrate cloud based back office solutions for problems such as sales reporting, data entry, and inventory management, Petrosoft POS is a great option for store owners who want to grow their business to reflect the ever-changing state of the market.

One of the coolest benefits of Petrosoft POS is effortless fuel pump integration, so you can optimize functions such as pre-paying per pump from anywhere in the world where you have a computer and stable wifi.

Customer testimonials are extremely positive for Petrosoft POS, touting it as a complete solution to their gas station POS system issues.


  • Sales, pricing, and promotional data, including loss prevention
  • Monitor and track reports, stock, and operations, even from a smartphone or tablet
  • Handle a wide variety of payment types,  and tasks, even lottery sales


  • Some users report a higher learning curve than other POS systems
  • Poor customer service reports, with some being upset service is unavailable on weekends.

Those are the best of the best when it comes to Gas station POS solutions. Keep on reading to find some honorable mentions we saw fit to mention!

Our Number Four Pick: NCR Radiant Point of Sale for Gas Stations

Offering hard wearing units and specializing in customer data security, NCR Radiant Point of Sale System for gas stations are a great option for businesses large and small alike.

With over 18,000 installations in almost twenty countries, NCR has been serving customers for years.

They even provide transport, installation, and training services, all designed to help you get the most out of your new fuel station POS system.


  • Faster than competitor's system
  • Self checkout and fuel pump specific features
  • Supports food service transactions
  • Loyalty software works to bring in, engage, and keep customers happy and coming back for more
  • Flexibility in hardware options and upgrades allows your POS to adapt and evolve as you and your business do


  • Due to the high hardware requirements, cost is higher than other options

Our Number Five Pick: LS Retail POS System

LS Retail markets their point of sale system an all inclusive solution for the many challenges you face as a gas station owner and operator.

Their integrative software provides an effortless answer to business problems such as pump control, food service retail, and back end marketing structure.

By allowing you to strategically control every facet of your operation, LS Retails ensures that you, your employees, and most importantly, your customers will be happy for years to come.


  • Full pump operational control from your device
  • Accepts multiple payment methods and manage multiple fuel types
  • Insert and edit a variety of pricing systems across your inventory
  • Works both on and offline to save you time and trouble
  • Widely used and respected by a variety of industry professionals


  • More expensive than other some options

Our Number Six Pick: IT Retail Point of Sale Software

Portable, easy to learn and easy to use, the IT Retail POS solution is a favorite amongst smaller operations with a focus on convenience fare.

Their intuitive software supports age restricted items, such as liquor and tobacco, accepts a variety of payment methods, and is extremely portable.

With high speed cloud integration to boot, IT truly deserves a spot as one of the best gas station pos systems.


  • Inventory management and automated ordering
  • Easy employee management and tracking, with a track record of catching employee theft


  • Some users report occasional glitches in software, especially when connecting remotely from the cloud

Our Number Seven Pick: Square POS

The final pick on our list is for you gas station owners who want simplicity and ease. 

Easily integrated with existing apple products and extremely portable, Square is a staple of the POS community, and not just for corner stores.

Featuring their standard bells and whistles such as excellent customer marketing campaigns, speedy deposit times, and affordable cost, there's a good reason Square is one of the most popular POS systems on the market today.

Head over to Square POS Reviews and Square POS System Cost for more details.


  • Affordable base package
  • Easily integrates with IOS
  • High customer satisfaction and engagement scores


  • Not compatible with Android or PC devices
  • Not the best option for fuel pump and other extra integrations
  • Lacks advanced reporting capability of other offerings

What Should I Look For In My Gas Station Store Point of Sale System?

You may read this list and think "Woah, that's a lot of options, how do I choose?" And you have every right to be overwhelmed. Luckily, we've come up with a list of features you may want to consider before pulling the trigger on one of the above systems. Read on and see which of these you do (or don't!) want in your next gas station POS.

Payment Acceptance

This may seem basic, but it's important. Every system is different. Some systems allow credit, debit, gift card, touch, and cash transactions, while others are much more limited in scope. What do your current customers try to use? Is there a payment type you've been asked about but haven't been able to accept yet?

Customer Information Retention

Interested in starting a loyalty program for your shop? Some POS devices allow customers to input their email or phone number, allowing you to send out flyers, sales, advertisements, coupons you name it, all at a moment's notice. Actions such as these have been proven to drive customer engagement and repeat sales.

Inventory Management

Tired of missing deadlines for purchase orders and restocking dates? Some of the devices described above come with the capability to completely automate your back end. At the touch of a button you could be good to go for the rest of the calendar year, with the ability to change items, quantities, and shipment frequencies from one central place.

Marketing and Sales Reports

Dread tax season? Slack on profit tracking? Get yourself a POS that automates these features and you'll be on your way to easy street. Many of the top brands on the market today offer a variety of customizable reports so you can watch your business grow and make adjustments in real time. The ability to integrate tax software such as Turbotax or Quickbooks will be sure to make next April a breeze.

Employee Management

Employees forgetting shifts? Or worse, are you forgetting who you scheduled for said shifts? With advanced employee management features like time cards, bookkeeping, and list management, the right POS could be better than hiring an entire HR department. Many devices out there allow you to set a weekly or monthly schedule, notify employees of upcoming shifts, and even train them all from the same POS hardware.

Fuel Pump Integration

Seemingly important for an effective gas station POS system, the ability to interface and manage your fuel pumps from your POS system  is an often overlooked convenience. Track fuel levels, allow prepayments, manage sales and ads, all from the comfort of your home or office. The best tech out there will allow you to easily integrate with multiple pumps, and provide real time readouts for each. However, if you already have a working pump management system in place, this may be a feature you're looking to skip. In that case, a retail forward system like Square may better suit your needs.

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So, Which One Should I Get?

Maybe all of the above criteria apply to you, or maybe they don't. That's the great thing about owning your own business: You get to decide where you want to take it and how you'll get there. 

Out of all the options presented, we feel you can't go wrong with the AccuPOS gas station POS system. It's user friendly interface, account integration, and reliable stock management make it the best solution for business owners looking to fix front and back office problems with one piece of machinery. Future proof your gas station business with one of these fantastic systems today!

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Our Pick - AccuPOS

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