Chinese Restaurant POS System

Having the right POS system for your Chinese restaurant is critical to its smooth running.

But the last thing you want to do is purchase the wrong software and hardware.

We'll explain the noteworthy features of the 5 highest rated options so that you can streamline your establishment.

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Top Features

Support Services

Best For

Hardware & software bundles start from $99 per month

Multilanguage options including Chinese characters, Cloud-based options, Mobile & online ordering

Comprehensive technical support

Best all-round POS system

Software starts from $59 per month. Various packages available

Mobile & contactless payments, Self-service kiosks & customer-facing displays, Robust reporting & analytic tools

24/7 support

Best for large restaurants with multiple locations

Software starts from $69 per month. Hardware is available by quotation

iPad-based POS system, User-friendly interfaces, Allows targeted marketing, Chinese-language support

24/ support and plenty of training options

Best for Apple users

Software starts from $60 per month. Hardware is available by quotation

Android cloud-based POS system, Comprehensive inventory management features, Translation to Chinese & order interface with images

24/7 support

Best for Android users

Software starts from $69 per month. Hardware is available by quotation

iPad cloud-based 2-in-1 POS system, Online menu with branding & themes, Many add-ons available

24/7 support, FAQs, and various training options

Best for takeaway and delivery restaurants

The Top 5 POS Chinese Restaurant Systems

Sintel Systems - Best All-Round POS System

The Sintel Systems POS is designed for a global Asian market built to serve business owners, Asian customers, and non-English speakers. It has multi-language features and is available with Chinese characters and Spanish language options so is ideal for use as a restaurant POS both in the US and abroad.

Sintel Systems POS software can support various types of restaurant business models such as in-person dining, food delivery and takeaway, online orders, and drive-throughs.

Sintel Systems POS makes buying food simple with their embedded payment processing for all the major credit card providers, an ideal feature for a global POS system. No matter the location of your restaurant, your customers can easily pay.

The payment processing hardware and software are EMV and PCI compliant, offering strong security for transactions and data storage.

This Chinese restaurant POS system has an excellent selection of back-office features. These tools make managing your inventory easy. It also has sales reporting features, allows staff management, and has a cloud-based data store, providing access from any location.

Sintel offers exceptional customer service and technical support that covers software and hardware, employee training, initial POS setup and system updates.


  • Can be used in different languages including Chinese characters
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Excellent range of back-office tools


  • Basic-looking interface
  • Contact the company for an individualized quotation

If you have a large Chinese restaurant or multiple locations, then we recommend the Lightspeed POS system.

The POS interface is available in the Chinese language and offers flexible payment processing solutions. Customers can pay by card, cash, or by using their phones (contactless payment). Plus, it is very secure, minimizing the risk of card fraud.

This POS system allows for third party integration with many of the big food delivery apps such as UberEats. The interface lets you consolidate orders on one dashboard, enabling servers to keep track of food orders at a glance.

The self-service kiosk option allows for easy ordering of menu items as well as fast payment processing since customers won't have to wait at the cash register to pay.

The floor plan and table management features make it easy to view and amend bookings, as well as keep track of the number of customers at any given time.

Lightspeed's robust tools and various settings offer a plethora of features to make running your Chinese restaurant as smooth as possible. It comes with software for accounting, sales, reporting, and more.


  • Mobile and contactless payments
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • 24/7 support


  • A large and comprehensive POS system that may be superfluous for a smaller Chinese restaurant business model

TouchBistro offers a flexible iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system perfect for small to mid-sized establishments. It is a great option for mobile restaurants and food trucks as well.

While it isn't built with Chinese restaurants specifically in mind, this POS system offers excellent hardware and software that have proven successful in running many Chinese restaurants.

They offer Chinese-language software options and a flexible POS system that can be tailored to different types of eateries.

The cash register runs with an iPad Mini for speedy and efficient ordering. Bills can be split and different forms of payment can be used for the same bill. 

The TouchBistro Loyalty package lets you run

marketing campaigns, target sales directly to specific customer groups and offer customer rewards. Menu customization is straightforward and can be adjusted with just a few clicks.

Other available features include staff management, menu management, inventory management, table-side ordering, payment processing integrations, and various reporting options.

One of the best things about TouchBistro is that you can get a free trial of the software before you buy it. This is an excellent way to be sure that it is the right POS system for your specific needs before investing.

For a more comprehensive guide, visit TouchBistro POS reviews.


  • Free trial available
  • Supports Chinese language
  • A good option for mobile venues


  • Certain reporting tools may not be as developed as they could be

Clover offers an android cloud-based POS system which allows you to take your point-of-sale directly to your customer at the table. This not only minimizes wait times, but lets you move your food orders more quickly, boosts sales, and reduces order errors.

With adjustable settings, you can add automated notifications to alert servers of special offers, sales items, and dishes that may be sold out.

You can also add reminders to collect customer email addresses and other contact details for marketing purposes and loyalty programs, all of which can bring a real boost to your business.

Clover allows restaurant management from any

location. You can adjust menu items, amend the table layout, manage reservations, your store data, and more, using the Clover mobile interface.

The Clover POS system minimizes the impact of language barriers by translating food orders to Chinese when sending them to the kitchen. Receipts can be printed in Chinese as well. Settings allow the translation to be done in traditional Chinese characters, or simplified Chinese characters to allow orders to be processed faster.

Clover offers excellent inventory management features. Thousands of SKUs can be imported for simple ingredients and supply management. You'll never run out of ingredients mid-service again with the help of their low stock alerts.

You can also easily see your top sellers, as well as which dishes aren't popular to better manage your menu. Tax rates can be set to your location for spot-on pricing. 

Other top features include state-of-the-art security, own-brand gift card options, payment processing for all payment methods, and third-party integrations for back-office reporting tools.

Clover POS reviews can provide more insight. 


  • Chinese-language support and pictures for easy order processing
  • Cloud-based
  • Excellent inventory management features


  • Select customers have found the 'More tools' section difficult to navigate

The Rezku company offers a great point-of-sale system with software suitable for most types of restaurant service setups.

This iPad-based POS system has loads of great features that other POS brands charge extra for. Its features are particularly good for online ordering and takeaway and delivery.

Customers can place food orders online which are then sent directly to your restaurant kitchen for preparation. These food orders are set with timings to keep the pace so that food is ready for the customer in the correct time frame.

In addition, you'll be able to customize your online menu with your Chinese restaurant's own branding 

and themes. The menu design allows for full-color pictures and product descriptions for easy ordering.

Rezku offers an innovative two-in-one POS system design, merging counter-service with a mobile POS system which broadens options for sales and ordering. Low-cost yet robust wireless POS terminals make installation a simple process, and payment processing can be done tableside. 

Other great features that Rezku offers include customer loyalty programs and gift cards, top security features, remote store and staff management options as well as an offline mode, allowing order and payment processing during downed network periods.

Visit Rezku POS reviews for more detailed information.


  • Free trial available
  • High-quality hardware with low costs
  • Robust offline modes


  • Basic-starting price is cheap but add-ons can get expensive


Basic starting prices for POS software run for around $50 to $100 per month. Add-ons, third-party software integrations and subscriptions will cost extra. The cost of hardware can run from a few hundred dollars, into the thousands. POS terminals with touchscreens and large numbers of mobile devices will increase the cost.

The prices for Chinese restaurant POS systems will vary between customers since there are such large variations between service setups, restaurant sizes, and business models.

Most POS providers offer basic starting prices and various pre-priced packages which may be suitable for a smaller business. For larger restaurants and those with multiple locations that require lots of hardware and software licenses, pricing is available by individual quotation.

Many POS providers have various offers available, where if you buy a certain number of POS software licenses, then you get a set amount of hardware for free. Many also offer payments by monthly installation, which reduces upfront costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Any Restaurant POS Suitable For My Chinese Restaurant?

Yes and No. It really depends on your business setup. Some of the restaurant POS systems we have reviewed today aren't specifically designed with Chinese restaurants in mind, however, they have various features making them suitable for these types of businesses.

Should I Get A Cloud-Based System?

Most POS systems these days are cloud-based and offer an offline mode so the business can continue as usual even during times when the network is down.

Cloud-based systems offer lots of flexibility such as online, table-side and mobile ordering, and payment processing so you can speed up service to your customers and maximize your business potential.

These types of POS systems also allow you to manage your restaurant from any address and also multiple restaurant addresses from one location. Manage your menu, view store data, and adjust your staff schedule from your smartphone wherever you might be.

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What Should I Look For In My New Chinese Restaurant POS System?

Let's take a peek at some of the things you should think about before buying a POS system.

  • Size of your restaurant and number of staff - You need to know how much hardware, the type of hardware, and the number of software licenses and user accounts you will need.
  • Multiple locations - If you have multiple restaurants you might consider a cloud-based POS system for easier management.
  • Budget - Make sure you have a suitable budget set aside for the POS system. Many POS providers offer monthly installments if you want to minimize upfront costs.
  • Type of Chinese restaurant - A mobile food truck business POS system will require a different POS setup to a huge eatery with multiple locations. Opt for a more flexible POS system if you are looking to expand in the future.

Whether you're ready to purchase a POS system, or are just price shopping, our FREE quote service will enable you to get a good feel for the market.  Answer the few quick questions below to let us know what equipment you are interested in, and we'll provide quotes from the most reputable dealers in your area.

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