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We’ve researched dozens of hotel POS systems on the market today, and narrowed it down to 5 worthy of your attention.  

As a hotel chain or family-owned hotel, you face enough challenges staying in operation and optimizing your profits. The last thing you need are headaches caused by a low-quality POS system. 

A well optimized solution provides guests with quicker service and makes the whole experience, from check-in to check-out run smoothly.  

Continue below to see which of these 5 top rated POS systems are the best fit for your hotel. 

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Best Overall 

Best for Resorts

Best for Large Hotels

Best for Small Hotels

Best for Growing Hotels


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$3.99 per room/per month starting

$45 per month starting

Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing

Top Features

InfoGenesis software, self-serve kiosks, online payments

Customized deals and packages, restaurant POS automation, split billing

Profile management software, hotel group management, security and privileges control

Customer management system, third-party integration, real-time reporting and analytics

Digital check-ins, corporate rates, self-service kiosks

The 5 Best Hotel POS Systems

Quick Answer: 

1# Agilysys - Best Overall

2# Hotelogix - Best For Resorts

3# eZee Absolute - Best for Large Hotels

4# HotelKey - Best for Large Hotels

5# RMS Cloud - Best For Growing Hotels

Agilysys - Best Overall

The best POS system for hotels is Agilysys, all thanks to the fact that it provides hotel owners with a complete suite of powerful features and built-in platforms for the most seamless guest experience possible. Managing a hotel operation with Agilysys is easier than it has ever been before.

At the center of the Agilysys system lies the InfoGenesis software, which is an all-in-one POS system, providing managers with the opportunity to oversee several locations at once.

All of the point of sale features that you need to manage your hotel's restaurant, mini bars, front desk operations, and beyond, can be found in a single location.

Plus, the system has the ability to capture customer data, which can be incredibly valuable in making future decisions. 

To expedite the process, you can even integrate a tablet with this point of sale system.

A hardware aspect offered by Agilysys is self-serve kiosks. Kiosk integration has taken place in large restaurants and retailers. The same thing is now happening in the realm of resorts and hotels because it increases customer convenience and reduces labor costs. Visit the Best Kiosk POS Systems guide to learn more.

With Agilysys Pay, customers can make room deposit payments online. As a hotel manager, you can specify charge limits and create payment authorization methods that are secure.

Agilysys also has a wonderful insight platform built into its hotel management software, which allows you to see data and analytics over a specific period of time. You can use this data to look at loss patterns, employee performance, and potential unnecessary waste, which you can use to increase your revenue and cut back on inefficiencies.

Hotelogix - Best For Resorts

Hotelogix is a unique cloud-based POS system that is great for larger resorts, as it has the ability to handle several points of sale from one, single location.

If your resort has a travel desk, shops, mini bar, spa, and restaurants, Hotelogix can store and recall data from every point.

No matter how many points of sale your hotel has, you can easily charge guests, bill directly to companies, or transfer charges over to a particular room.

If you want to save time and cut costs, Hotelogix is a great choice.

Because the software is cloud-based, you can easily organize and integrate all of your hotel's products and services into as many categories and sub-categories as you'd like.

When it comes to clubs or holidays, you can create custom packages for your customers. Whether you're looking to modify on-demand deals, upsell your customers on various POS items, or provide additional services that are personalized to your guests, Hotelogix gives you the power to do so. You can incentivize corporate clients and travel agents by creating attractive discounts for specialized services.

The hotel restaurant POS system features are great too, as they sync up with the front desk so that you don't have to perform any sort of manual tracking. Even room service orders will get sent to the current hotel point of sale points. Having real-time information that is constantly updated can help keep your travel desk, restaurant, and all other hotel point of sale outlets in sync. Plus, you can use the hotel restaurant POS system to customize orders for your guests, manage several menus at once, and manage your employee schedules.

eZee Absolute - Best for Large Hotels

If you're in the market for a feature-rich hotel POS system that is flexible enough to deal with the daily operations of a large hotel, then look no further than eZee Absolute.

This unique hotel point of sale system can help you increase your revenue with ease.

One thing we truly love about the eZee Absolute system is the fact that you can manage all reservations and bookings from a single window.

The second that guests walk through your door, you can have all of their information pulled up and ready to go.

With the cloud-based PMS system, it is also easy to manage multiple profiles.

From room owners to corporate guests to business sources to travel agents, being able to manage multiple profiles is crucial for a large hotel.

When it comes to large hotels, having a hotel group management system is important. Being able to manage an entire group with ease can save you time and make your operations more efficient. As you know, more efficiency = more revenue.

With the user privileges, you can decide which of your employees get access to certain points in your POS software too, allowing you to sleep with peace 0of mind knowing that your important data is safe.

For charging room with various fees and taxes, keeping track of deposits, and accessing multiple payments, eZee makes things as easy as possible. You can also take whatever kind of approach to revenue that you'd like, from contract-based to seasonal to flexible rates and beyond.

Another thing that we really love about the eZee system is the mobile app, which allows managers to easily manage the hotel operations, even when they aren't there. These operations include folio settlement, identity scanning, reputation management, room sharing management, distribution, printing notifications, push notifications, and more.

Plus, you have total access to all of the data and analytics that you could possibly ask for, giving you a total bird's eye view of the entire operation of your hotel.

HotelKey - Best For Small Hotels

If you run a smaller hotel, we highly recommend checking out POS software from HotelKey, as it is one of the simplest and most efficient hotel point of sale systems on the market today.

The POS software comes with integrated workflows that guide employees through common hotel actions, such as bookings, digital check-ins, and organization.

We love the digital check-in features present on HotelKey, as it streamlines the guest process. Guests can easily get upgrades through this system, such as Wi-Fi or premium parking.

You can digitally scan photo IDs and accept payments from your guests without ever having to handle a credit card or physical ID. 

With digital check-in, you can even route payments, check out floorplans, and more.

HotelKey also makes use of self-service kiosk integration, allowing your guests to walk in and serve themselves quickly and efficiently. From getting room key replacements to checking out, guests can perform almost all of the normal hotel actions without ever having to interface with an employee, allowing you to cut back on labor costs and provide a quicker guest experience.

With these self-service kiosks, guests can make secure payments through mobile payment applications and get their room keys.

There is a handy feature for corporate billing too, which you can set up with ease. With Direct Bill, managers can use this feature to automate invoicing and set up negotiated rates. From setting billing days to automating invoices to defining rate periods, this service optimizes your day-to-day operations.

With automated payment software, you can reduce losses from human error. Integrate CC payments, auto-reconcile batch payments, charge for no-shows, automate fee collections, or create policies for cancellation fees.

One reason why HotelKey is so great for small hotels is that it doesn't require much external hardware to get going. With the native application, you can use a tablet or iPad that you already own. However, if you need to, you can integrate your system with wireless hardware devices, such as scanners, thermal printers, and label printers.

It is worth noting that, just because HotelKey is built for small hotel operations does not mean that it lacks high-end reporting and analytics features. All operational aspects come with stored data, including product sales, booking pace, segmented revenue, room revenue, ADR, RevPAR, employee activity, nightly audits, general maintenance, housekeeping, check-in, check-out, and bookings.

RMS Cloud - Best For Growing Hotels

If you're in the market for a cloud-based hotel property management system that can help your hotel grow, we highly recommend checking out the RMS Cloud POS system.

The POS software that comes with this cloud-based POS system is wildly intuitive and has been used by resorts, hotels, and apartments all over the United States.

The RMS Cloud hotel property management system has plenty of tools for boosting revenue and creating automation.

From reporting to costing to reservations, all of the point of sale system solutions that you could hope for are right there. you can easily generate updated reports and manage inventory, all while enhancing the experience for your customers.

The dashboard on this POS system is very flexible, allowing you to customize the layout so that it fits nicely with your particular operations. If you want to enhance business intelligence, you can use the 3D report engine. From extracting crucial data to writing up completely customized reports, this POS software makes it easy to plan for the future.

The customer management system is excellent as well. Using a guest-centric POS software model, you can keep your guests in high spirits during their stay and get them to come back once they've left. You can use this POS software to create automated email marketing, loyalty programs, and customer relationship management features so that you keep your guest experience at the forefront of your business.

Guest payments are seamless with this cloud-based property management system, and you can easily adjust prices for happy hour or holidays. All payments can easily be charged to a guest's room, allowing them to split up the bill however they please. RMS Cloud includes a high-quality rate manager for applying and adjusting restrictions for inventory and rates, supply and demand-based dynamic pricing, real-time updates on the Internet-booking engine, and direct OTA connection on the native property management system channel.

Even better, RMS has the ability to integrate with a number of third-party systems, blazing a path for you to update and enhance your POS system as time goes on.


Factors To Consider When Buying 

All-In-One Software

Your hotel likely has many things happening at once, from the rooms to the room service to the restaurant to the pool and beyond. Having a point of sale system that can handle multiple things at once is crucial to provide the best experience for your guests and take the load off your employees.

Enhanced Online Integration

Most people want to be able to book their hotel rooms online and conduct as much of their hotel business as they can without having to be at the hotel. If your POS system doesn't allow for that kind of efficiency, then you're already behind. Great hotel POS systems allow for seamless integration between on-site interactions and online direct bookings.

A self-service kiosk is a great example of a way in which you can integrate this type of enhancement into your POS system.

Optimized Front Desk Operations

Yes, many guests will book their rooms using online hotel POS software. However, that shouldn't diminish the fact that the first impression your guests will get when they walk through the door is the front desk. For this reason, your property management system should be able to provide guests with the best experience they can possibly get.

Some front desk capabilities you should look for include customized rates and packages, contact-free check-in, customer data collection, automated purchasing, and up-selling.

Upselling Capabilities

You know ways in which you can enhance the guest experience with something new. Many guests who come to stay at your hotel probably aren't aware of the types of benefits they can receive at your hotel beyond the regular stay.

Did you know that 20% of guests on average will purchase additional items when they are prompted to do so? POS systems that allow for upselling opportunities, whether they are automated or manual, are crucial for optimizing your revenue.

Mobile App

Your goal should be to make the guest experience as efficient as you possibly can. Many hotel POS systems come with mobile apps that customers can use to request their automobile from the valet, request room service, make purchases from the min-bar, or extend the length of their stay.

POS systems traditionally sat at the front desk in a hotel. Nowadays, we like to think of the front desk as a starting point in the entire hotel management system.

Cloud-Based Integrations

While you might see a single guest as one customer, your property management system will see them as an entity that is making purchases at multiple point of sale systems throughout your hotel, including restaurant point of sale systems and spa point of sale systems.

Having cloud-based hospitality technology can help gather all of this data so that you can look at it from a single point. In gathering this data from multiple POS outlets, you can see employee performance, remarketing opportunities, upsell rates for your customers, and room revenue.


The Final Verdict - Finding the Best Hotel POS System For Your Needs

With so many POS systems on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for your hotel's needs.

No matter whether you have a large or small hotel operation, POS systems will be an integral part of your business. Having software modules for the correct POS points in your operation will help you increase efficiency and revenue compared to a standard POS system, which typically works from a single point.

Look for capabilities like employee management, inventory management, integrated accounting software, the ability to accept online payments (contactless payments), customer database analytics, and secure transactions. 

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