Deli POS System

Deli specialized POS software and hardware can streamline day-to-day operations, as well as help grow business.

But with such a wide range of POS systems on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

We'll explain the ins and outs of 5 best deli POS system providers, helping you to select one that has all the features you're looking for.

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Deli POS System

Upserve By Lightspeed

Upserve By Lightspeed

  • Most user-friendly
  • Cloud-based & mobile app available
  • POS software starting from $59/month

eHopper Pos


  • Best for small businesses
  • Online ordering features + allows pricing by unit of measure
  • Free POS software available

Toast POS


  • Flexible option for expansion
  • Spill-proof hardware
  • Free POS software available

Clover POS System


  • Best for mid-sized to larger businesses
  • Marketing & customer engagement tools
  • POS software & hardware plans start from $44.95 per month

National Retail Solutions POS+

National Retail Solution POS+

  • Best for easy setup
  • Comprehensive inventory management tools & integrated scales
  • POS software starting from $19.95/month

Top Five Delicatessen POS Systems

Upserve By Lightspeed

Upserve POS, now known as Lightspeed Restaurant, offer deli specific POS systems. This is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution, allowing data access from any location. Plus, it has an offline mode so that you can carry on working even without an internet connection.

Specializing in restaurant point-of-sale systems, Upserve POS allows you to customize deli POS software to suit the exact needs of your business. You can add all your most popular deli items to the front screen of the POS interface, which saves time when processing orders during peak hours, making for happier customers.

The loyalty program features available in the more expensive plans help encourage customers to return and shop in your deli more often, boosting sales.

Upserve offers great reporting and analytics which you can access using the mobile phone app, not just the POS terminal. 

Track sales data, view employee performance, manage inventory, and more. This POS system has a training mode, making it ideal for deli owners with many new staff members to train up, or high turn-around. Upserve by Lightspeed is known as a very user-friendly system in general, plus many free tools are available on the Upserve website.

Other key POS features include employee and inventory management tools, various third-party integrations, online ordering, and 24/7 customer support. Debit and credit card processing are offered at a flat fee, but Upserve must be contacted for pricing information.

Upseve offer three deli POS software plans, Core, Pro, and Pro Plus, with a starting price of $59 per month. They offer a full range of POS hardware, allowing you to customize your point-of-sale set up just the way you want it.


  • Core: $60 per terminal
  • Pro: $50 per terminal
  • Pro Plus: $40 per terminal
  • Comprehensive range of POS hardware items, by quotation


  • Core: $59 per month
  • Pro: $199 per month
  • Pro Plus: $359 per month
  • Add-ons available at extra cost

Payment Processing:

  • Offers a flat-rate per transaction - contact Upserve for a quote


  • Good reporting & staff training features
  • Free tools & cost calculators on Upserve's website
  •  24/7 customer support


  • With additional costs per POS terminal, it can get expensive
  • Online ordering & gift card features cost extra

eHopper offers completely free cloud-based POS software with their Essential plan, a great choice for small business owners or those just starting up.

The free POS software plan is limited to a single POS terminal, fifty products and three hundred transactions monthly, which can get a bit pricy if your deli business expands.

Customer loyalty features, table and menu management, and EBT payments are not included.

Overall, the eHopper deli point-of-sale system has plenty of top features, perfect for streamlining day-to-day operations.

Their intuitive POS system lets you customize your deli items into categories for quick service, ultimately saving time for your employees, as well as your customers.

For those customers in a hurry who prefer online ordering, wait time is minimized. 

They can pay online and pick up their deli items later on in-store, which provides a more enjoyable customer experience.

You can easily manage your stock and track your inventory with this point-of-sale software, and the order modifier lets you serve several variations of customized orders. It also allows you to price stock by particular units of measure, perfect for pricing cheeses and meats.

Other useful deli features include multiple payment processing options, customer management, staff management, reporting and analytics, and inventory management.

e-Hopper has a full range of reasonably priced POS hardware bundles with discounts currently in place, but you can also purchase items individually if you wish.


  • Free payment terminal
  • Comprehensive inventory of individual POS hardware, with bundles between $399 and $1,299


  • Essential free POS software
  • Monthly Omnichannel Billing: $49.99/month, plus $49.99 per additional license per month
  • Annual Omnichannel Billing: $39.99/month, plus $479.88 per additional license per year

Payment Processing:

  • 0%, free payment processing


  • Free POS software & payment terminal
  • Good training & support
  • Cloud-based


  • Free POS software is quite limited, scaling up may be costly
  • No refund for canceling pre-paid plans

Toast is flexible and versatile food service POS solution ideal for a range of business sizes. We recommend it for deli owners looking to grow their business by adding in a restaurant section.

The cloud-based POS system is quick and easy to set up and has an offline mode, an intuitive, simple to use interface, and built-in credit card processing.

The kitchen display interface and self-ordering kiosks help speed up service and minimize order errors. For deli stores with looking to grow, Toast offers online ordering, takeaway and delivery features.

They also offer customer engagement features to boost sales which include loyal programs, gift cards, and email marketing tools. Their multi-store tools let you manage your business from one central POS system.

The new Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ allows customers to view the menu using a QR code. Customers can place orders as well as pay their bills using their mobile phone, and can choose to pay by Apple Pay as well.

Toast POS offer 24/7 support and flexible payment options. They have free POS software which is perfect for a small business who only have a couple of terminals.

For POS hardware, Toast offers a full range of items, sufficient for any deli store. Their hardware is specially designed and built for the food service industry, making it very robust and resistant to spills, heat, dust, and grease.


  • Large selection, individual or by bundle & quote-based pricing


  • Free starter kit
  • New Restaurant Basics package: $110 per month plus $4 per staff member
  • Essentials package: $165 per month
  • Custom package: Quote-based pricing

Payment Processing:

  • Custom-built processing rates


  • Free POS software & robust hardware
  • Flexible payment options & 24/7 customer support
  • Offline mode


  • Add-ons cost extra, could get expensive

The best choice for a delis with cafe areas or online stores, Clover offers a cloud-based point-of-sale system with an offline mode and built-in payment processor.

While they have different POS plans for various store and business types, the features offered in their Quick Service Dining POS option are ideal for running a deli. Clover can tailor POS solutions to your specific needs, and their sales team can be contacted for help with customization.

The Station Duo's customer-facing display and server interface helps ensure order accuracy. This POS system also allows you to build your menu with color-codes and categories, ensuring the the checkout process runs smoothly.

With Clover, customers can pay using all the main payment options which include cards, contactless, and mobile payment. Even if the internet connection goes down, the offline mode will enable you to carry on serving customers without interruption.

Clover POS has great built-in customer engagement and marketing resources so that you can collect customer data, set up promotions and loyalty programs. You can also offer digital as well as physical gift cards to boost sales.

For quick service dining, complete POS software and hardware plans start from $799. You can choose to pay monthly or in three installments.


  • Starter plan includes the Mini 8" touchscreen POS featuring built‑in receipt printer
  • Standard plan includes Station Duo, a 14" merchant-facing POS with a 7" customer screen, receipt printer & cash drawer
  • Advanced plan includes everything in Standard plan + Flex, Handheld, mobile POS system
  • Quote-based pricing for additional hardware


  • Starter package: $799/ year or 3 x $266 payments, $44.95 for monthly plan
  • Standard package: $1,799/year or 3 x $599 payments, $44.95 for monthly plan
  • Advanced package: $2,298/year or 3 x $765 payments, $54.90 for monthly plan

Payment Processing:

  • For quick service eateries
  • 2.3% plus 10¢ for transactions when card is present
  • 3.5% plus 10¢ for transactions when card not present


  • Cloud-based
  • Pay annually, monthly, or in 3 installments
  • Good marketing features


  • No free software
  • Higher priced POS solution compared to others

National Retail Solutions POS+ recognize that deli owners undertake multiple job roles each day.

Since one employee can bounce from server to cleaner to cashier, your deli POS system features should allow you to serve customers with the speed and accuracy offered by resources who equip larger competitors in the market.

This company provides features that make checkout faster by focusing on maximizing accuracy and efficiency.

You'll be able to input items with minimal clicks on the user-friendly touchscreen interface, plus customer display screens clearly show the transaction to the customer.

National Retail Solutions POS system lets you track your sales. Over time, this data can be used to to build a menu that will be more popular with your customers.

Additionally, you can stay connected with the MY NSR Store app which allows you to access your POS features on the go, at any location and any time, as long as you've got internet connection.

Other useful features of this POS system include barcode scanning, sticker system, and integrated weighing scales, all of which speed up employee workflow and improve customer experience. Their sales processing, employee management features, and comprehensive inventory management tools are quite robust as well.

NRS pay is National Retail Solutions' payment processing service. There are a wide variety of pre-priced plans and you can opt in or out of utilizing NRS pay. They even have an extra package for unlimited EBT payments. The starting price for their most basic plan is $19.95 per month and they have various POS hardware bundles for under $1,000.


  • Free credit card reader with NRS Pay plans
  • POS with NRS Fee Buster $599
  • POS with NRS Clean Rate $699
  • POS without NRS Pay $999


  • Basic package: $19.95 per month ($24.95 per month without NRS Pay)
  • Pro package: $29.95 per month ($49.95 per month without NRS Pay)
  • Advanced package: $39.95 per month ($64.95 per month without NRS Pay)
  • If paid annually, you get one month free

Payment Processing:

  • NRS Pay Fee Buster, free plus $0 for out-of-pocket card transaction fees, when you process over $18,000 monthly
  • NRS Pay Clean Rate 2.49% (3.49% when card not present) plus 10¢ per month account fee


  • Simple to set-up
  • Lots of plan options to choose from
  • Free credit card reader with NRS payment processing


  • Customers have reported lots of hidden charges with this POS company, read the fine print carefully.

The Bottom Line

Deli businesses' POS needs are an overlap between those of retail stores and restaurants. And while plenty of POS systems on the market can cater to the needs of a deli, your final choice will depend on the individual elements of your specific operation.

Taking into account the size of the business, whether or not food service is offered, and whether or not you have online ordering and delivery are a few of the aspects to incorporate into your next POS system purchase.

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