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Supporting Business Operation and Organizational Billing Needs 
The amount of data and analytics is growing in every industry, providing Enterprises with an avenue to drive new revenue and new business models - to increase competitive advantage and customer loyalty. But with this comes increased complexity in how to monetize, bill and charge for revenue generating offers and services.  

Enterprises need to adopt more flexible, agile billing solutions to overcome the challenges and optimize revenue opportunities. 

Redknee’s Enterprise Billing solution is designed to support the billing requirements of any Enterprise - regardless of size, industry or business model. Provided On-premise or as a Cloud-based solution, Redknee Enterprise Billing enables businesses to optimize their performance with sophisticated billing, charging and customer care capabilities. With Redknee, Enterprises can effectively and efficiently monetize new revenue streams, launch new services faster and increase the lifetime value of customers. 

Managing Revenue 
Redknee’s Enterprise Billing solution equips Enterprises to manage reoccurring revenue, one-time transactions and monetize new revenue streams, all from a centralized platform. 

Keeping Pace with Rapid Growth 
Given how rapidly the scale of digital data is growing, Enterprises require a highly flexible and scalable solution to handle exponential growth. With Redknee, Enterprises can enhance their data monetization strategy by focusing on the customer – it is now possible to seamlessly move from a simple “give more” experience to a value-based model that provides differentiated products at the right time across all touch points to delight and motivate the customer. 

Analyze to Monetize 
Analytics plays a key role in differentiating services and providing an individual personalized experience - ultimately enhancing the overall lifetime value of each customer. Utilize Redknee Enterprise Billing to quickly analyze user trends and behavior, provide flexible Smart Pricing and create relevant, targeted offers and services such as loyalty points, bonus schemes, and cross-services bundles.

Features of Redknee’s Enterprise Billing solution: 
  • Flexible, dynamic billing solution
  • Centralized platform to reduce costs
  • Effortlessly bill, charge, invoice, collect and report in real-time
  • Simple user interface (UI) to manage customer lifecycle
  • Seamless support for continual revenue – reoccurring and transaction
  • Revenue recognition
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support for local and global customers
  • Multi-tenant capabilities to manage business partners and new business models

Our Customers

250 Service Providers Across 90+ Countries Serving more than 2 Billion Subscribers