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Digital Services

Monetize Digital Services Faster 
Today’s digital revolution is allowing businesses, people and things to connect in new and exciting ways. By 2020 more that 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. For service providers, this growth presents challenges such as the ability to scale to meet demand and increasing competitive services. But also opportunity to redefine the customer experience, to reinvent business models and monetize new services such M2M, IoT and vertical market solutions.

In this fast moving digital era, changing consumer behaviour and demand is gearing up to an increased digital lifestyle and digital experience. Today’s customers want to purchase goods and services across all channels, when and how they choose - at a price that suits them.

Redknee enables service providers of all types to charge for digital services and content in new and creative ways, while delivering the highest level of customer care.

Monetize Everything Digital
Providing a multi or omni-channel customer experience and monetizing new revenue streams requires agile billing, charging and customer care capabilities. Redknee’s real-time monetization software equips service providers with agility, flexibility and scalability to monetize every interaction.

Improved Customer Engagement
Focus on the customer is paramount. Utilize Redknee’s advanced solution to garner intelligence and analytics on customer behaviour. Leverage this information to provide the right service, at the right time, at the right price. Provide an enhanced personalized experience, by empowering customers with self care capabilities to select the method of engagement they prefer.

Reaping the Benefits of the Digital Future
Redknee’s solutions foster innovation by allowing businesses to monetize digital products and services faster and easier than ever before. With Redknee, service providers can transform into Digital Service Providers (DSP) and realize the potential of the digital marketplace.

Monetizing digital services faster, requires:
  • Real-time converged billing, charging and customer care system
  • Innovative price and revenue models
  • 360 view of customer, device and network intelligence
  • Subscriber analytics
  • Customer self-care
  • Multi-tenant capabilities to manage business partners and new business models
  • Open APIs for third party integration

Our Customers

250 Service Providers Across 90+ Countries Serving more than 2 Billion Subscribers