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Redknee Unified

Redknee Unified Brings Unmatched Flexibility and Scalability for Service Providers
We live in a rapidly changing world where people are constantly connected: in command, informed, social, and always on. Moving at this new speed means: delivering what customers want, when they want it and adapting to changes in customer demand faster than the competition.

Redknee Unified is an award winning solution that helps service providers monetize next generation services in real time—no matter the type of service, customer or business model. With its unique modular design and agile real-time charging, billing, policy and customer care capabilities, Redknee Unified enables service providers to monetize new revenue streams, launch new services faster and deliver an improved customer experience. Redknee Unified brings unmatched flexibility and scalability for service providers to accelerate their growth plans today, and be better equipped for the future. 

Provide a More Connected Customer Experience


Converging all charging, metering and monitoring, and even elements of customer care, into one easy to use platform provides the insight your business needs and the customer desire from their service providers. Swift adoption of new data offerings and faster abilities to charge for these data services work to position CSPs at the top of the digital food chain.
  • Real-time convergent charging and policy management
  • Full customer care and multi-channel self-care capabilities
  • Leverage social networks to better connect with customers 

Faster, Leaner and More Agile Operations
Our fully integrated, any-play converged platform provides unprecedented scalability. Redknee Unified adapts to existing infrastructure to monetize service offerings, all of the time. Bill for any service, any market or any device immediately.
  • Industry leading scalability
  • Delivered via on premise, SaaS or the Cloud
  • Any-play: any device, any service, any time
  • Works with both traditional and newer Hadoop data processing technologies
  • Fully integrated, out-of-the-box approach reduces the need for customization
  • ETSI NFV Compliant Policy Management

IoT Readiness
The continued presence and further advent of the Internet of Things provides enormous opportunities for CSPs. Adapting traditional infrastructure to accommodate and innovate in the digital IoT age is the key to continued telco success. Redknee Unified is capable of monetizing for any service offerings- cloud-based, digital, mobile and more.
  • Monetize everything digital – applications, services, devices, networks
  • Rate and charge for any service across multiple lines of business
  • Multi-tenant - to better support new IoT partnerships
  • Track and ensure key performance metrics for OTT partners

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