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Redknee Railway

Intelligent Network Solution for GSM-R Networks 
Redknee Railway provides Railway Network Operators with an end-to-end Intelligent Network (IN) solution for GSM-R networks. Compliant to the EIRENE standard, and serving more than 60 percent of the world’s railway networks, Redknee Railway also provides additional capabilities, which enable railway network operators to simplify operations and offer advanced, value-added services to their customers.

Simplify Operations 
Redknee Railway provides seamless, off-the-shelf integration into existing infrastructure. The highly flexible components of Redknee Railway ensure simplified operations and a roll-out according to project schedule and budget.
  • Low cost, off-the-shelf application
  • Supports stepwise implementation into the Railway Network Operator’s network infrastructure
  • Outstanding flexibility for project specific extensions due to a large number of smart optional features
Proven Reliability
Redknee Railway offers unprecedented product reliability through proven experience in a global market.
  • Proven experience of a global market and technology leader from the world’s #1 GSM-R IN Solution Supplier
  • Compliant to EIRENE standards
  • Currently serving more than 60 percent of the world’s railway networks

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