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Redknee PCS

Redknee’s Policy Control Server
Data traffic is rising and service providers need a way to monetize network investments and meet subscriber needs while maintaining profitability and network quality. Traditionally, policy control (PCRF) has enabled CSPs to optimize network investments by setting the policies and rules that help to secure network resources required for subscribers and applications during peak hours, without over-provisioning the network.
Now, Redknee PCS has moved policy beyond the network, to allow marketing, product and partner teams to create their own policies for supporting complex charging scenarios, KPIs and personalized products and services. 

Create New Policies with Drag and Drop Ease
With its easy-to-use policy creation tool called Policy Wizard, product and marketing teams can create and launch new network policies in just minutes via an intuitive GUI with easy drag-and-drop capabilities. For Service Providers, this means the ability to more quickly monetize new revenue streams brought about by complex data packages including shared, sponsored, or zero-rated data packages.
  • Create and launch new network policies in minutes 
  • Support multiple policy enforcement points 
  • Enable complex charging scenarios with multiple content providers 
  • Enhance subscriber experience in real-time 
Fully Virtualized, Seamlessly Integrated
Redknee PCS is easily integrated with any network element without the need for customer-specific software and is also fully virtualized. This allows for fast adaptation to any external notification, application and reporting interface, significantly reducing deployment time and integration efforts. 
  • Fully virtualized
  • Compliant with ETSI’s NFV Standards
  • Lower CAPEX 
  • Reduce deployment time and integration efforts 
Support OTT and IoT Partners
Redknee’s PCS ensures quality of service for any and all web based applications. With an easily configurable web based application, CSPs can support things like sponsored data and zero-rated data, as well as partner KPIs, such as guaranteed quality of service for video streaming and other OTT content.
  • ATCA certified 
  • Built on scalable, highly available architecture 
  • Supports up to 100 million concurrent users 
  • Purpose-built and compliant with both 3GPP and non-3GPP specifications