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Redknee InBill

Redknee Revenue Assurance
Redknee InBill is a truly convergent and complete wholesale billing solution that concurrently supports many business models and addresses multi-party settlement requirements. 

Leveraging the wealth of information stored in the rated events, InBill’s analytical reports help operators better understand network usage patterns and help drive knowledgeable business decisions. Maximize the value of your network with Redknee InBill – a proven and scalable solution to grow with your business.

Converged Settlement
Redknee’s InBill is highly efficient and is based on nearly a decade of proven reliability, to resolve and reconcile disputes rapidly, while improving the accuracy of wholesale charges. Fully convergent and supporting many business models, this solution is analytical in real-time.
  • Converged content settlement
  • Content services
  • Partner billing and messaging
  • Domestic and International voice, including CABS

Enhanced Reporting, from any Source
Redknee’s InBill provides a comprehensive wholesale rating solution that does not require the use of another mediation device, while providing full end-to-end ‘switch-to-bill’ traceability and audit capabilities. It can handle virtually any event record and ensures that service providers can charge for nearly any wholesale-related event in their network.
  • Comprehensive wholesale billing solutions
  • Automated collection of event records from the network
  • Collect from any source- content servers, VoIP servers, switches

Independent Revenue Assurance Tool
InBill acts as a complete call detail record (CDR) data repository, a key advantage for operators looking to reuse this valuable data for other purposes. InBill provides the ability to reconcile retail events to wholesale charges, providing a call level profitability analysis - a key value added capability that other wholesale billing platforms cannot provide.
  • Reconcile retail events to wholesale charges
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Win disputes in a timely and efficient manner
  • Assist in negotiations
  • Provides enhanced visibility of traffic patterns