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Give your customers what they want - and leave the competition behind.

With Redknee, network operators are empowered to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing the subscriber experience. Now you can optimize and improve the entire subscriber service experience – from gaining powerful customer insight and delivering the types of services that are valued by your customers, to ensuring the quality of the services delivered, to charging for services in a way the customer wants to pay – and finally, provide real-time customer care.

Redknee’s innovative software provides advanced converged billing, real-time pricing, rating and charging, wholesale and partner settlement and customer experience management to wireless, multi-service and cloud service providers at all stages of growth within their target markets.

Since 1999, Redknee has deployed its products around the world and helped operators to launch innovative data offerings, messaging, and voice services. Today, we serve more than 200 of the world’s top tier service providers in over 90 countries.

Redknee Unified

Redknee Unified enables service providers to monetize new revenue streams, launch new services faster and deliver an improved customer experience.
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Redknee Unified Digital Suite

Redknee Unified Digital Suite is an end-to-end solution that enables operators to differentiate from the competition and maximize profitability.
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Redknee PCS

Redknee PCS gives CSPs more control over how their network resources are used, allowing them to offer personalized services and differentiated charging.
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Redknee InBill

Redknee InBill helps service providers maximize the value of their network with a comprehensive and cost-effective interconnect, content and partner billing.
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A cloud-based IoT Monetization Platform that empowers businesses to quickly launch subscription-based services across their application of choice.
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Our Customers

250 Service Providers Across 90+ Countries Serving more than 2 Billion Subscribers