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Railway Subscription Management & Data Provisioning

Tools to Define, Manage, Monitor and Provision Data Requests in the GSM-R Network
Railway Network Operators (RNOs) often face the dilemma of using standard software tools to manage a GSM-R network. Supporting a fully featured GSM-R network plus additional features, such as ASCI services requires a highly customizable and flexible system.

Redknee’s Railway Subscription Management & Data Provisioning is an intelligent and centralized system, enabling RNOs to define, manage and monitor numbers, and provision data requests in the GSM-R network. Operators can effectively manage multiple and various subscription profiles, such as the train conductor and shunting group, and support profiles responsible for the same areas, with shared network settings.

A Must for Subscription Lifecycle Management
Redknee’s solution equips operators with an integrated architecture to manage subscriptions and GSM-R SIM cards. Essential to the subscription lifecycle, the solution enables multi-step provisioning of information and configuration towards different involved network elements including, HLR, IN and the GSM-R SIM card. Centralized data storage and entry point from a single platform, completes the solution. 

Delivering a High Quality Railway Communications System
With a wealth of experience in the GSM and GSM-R domain Redknee is helping RNOs all over the world. Railway operators utilizing Redknee’s solution are enabled with greater flexibility to deliver a high quality railway communications system.

Features of Redknee’s Railway Subscription Management & Data Provisioning:
  • Highly customizable and flexible system
  • Individual Lifecycle management
  • Flexible network element integration
  • Multiple subscription management interfaces
  • Future-proofed with flexible transformation layer

Our Customers

250 Service Providers Across 90+ Countries Serving more than 2 Billion Subscribers