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Railway Next Generation IN

Increasing Operational Support and Reliability with an Intelligent Network Solution
The digital age is driving innovative opportunities in the global railway industry. M2M and IoT are enablers for more effective connected railway communications. To improve railway services in the areas of operational efficiency, safety, mobility, and passenger satisfaction and retention, Railway Network Operators (RNOs) are introducing new business models and value-added services capabilities.
Redknee’s Railway Next Generation IN is an end-to-end GSM-R solution, enabling RNOs to deliver better operational support and increased reliability of the GSM-R network. 

A Proven Solution for GSM-R Networks
Built on the proven GSM standard and fully compliant with EIRENE, Redknee’s Railway Next Generation IN is an off-the-shelf productized solution that integrates simply into the network infrastructure. The interoperable solution provides RNOs with enhanced operational safety, ease of use and the flexibility to deliver a high quality railway communications system.

Guaranteed Quality of Service at all Times
Redknee’s Railway Next Generation IN solution offers smart operational features that far exceed the current standards, including advanced GSM-R network geographical redundancy architecture supported in active/active and hot-standby configurations and flexible service specific extensions.

Features of Redknee’s Railway Next Generation IN:
  • Low cost off-the-shelf application
  • Intelligent Network (IN) components
  • Value-added service features
  • Geographical Redundancy in the event of a disaster
  • Flexible service specific extensions
  • Compliant with EIRENE standards