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Railway SIM Profile Management

Enabling Railway Operators with the Reliability to Manage Subscriber Groups
The rise of smart devices and rapid growth in connected vehicles is not only increasing the volume of data but also the need for optimized communications. 

Redknee’s SIM Profile Management for railway operators is an integral part of the subscriber lifecycle. Architected for centralized storage and management of SIM card data, the platform enables operating staff to assign SIM profiles to GSM-R SIM cards. SIM profiles can be assigned to specific groups within the GSM-R network, for example the train driver, conductor and engineer, who require particular network services, such as call priority.  

Supporting the Subscriber and Configuration Management
Redknee’s Railway SIM Profile Management allows the operator to perform group-specific personalization for SIM cards, such as activation, changing or adding profiles, and data provision such as group call assignments based on the SIM profile and other network elements including the HLR.  With Redknee’s Railway SIM Profile Management, the SIM card can be configured either by card reader or an encoded SMS over-the-air (OTA).

Providing Operational Ease of Use

Redknee’s Railway SIM Profile Management is a proven, reliable solution, built on years of GSM and GSM-R experience. Designed to fulfill the needs of the GSM-R operator, the cost-effective, centralized solution provides operational ease of use. Daily operations can be carried out with a user-friendly interface, while the functionality focuses on SIM card management and configuration of SIM cards.

Features of Redknee’s Railway SIM Profile Management solution:
  • Patented SIM Profile Management
  • Support of ASCI features according to UIC EIRENE specification
  • Authentication management
  • SIM card reader / OTA functionality
  • Applet management
  • User friendly GUIs supporting HTTP/S
  • Advanced data provisioning and configuration
  • Centralized storage

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