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Energy & Utilities

Real-time Engagement & Billing for Utility Companies
Utility companies can now manage all of their services—from traditional commodity services such as electricity, water or gas, to evolving services such as renewable power generation or electric vehicle charging stations—with a single, integrated solution that allows for more informed business decisions, improved customer satisfaction and rapid new service creation.  

Smart Utility Billing

A carrier-grade, modular customer and service management solution enabling Utilities to rapidly launch new tariffs and services, improve the customer experience with better cash flow, while protecting utilities’ investments.
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A mountain and a lot of wind mills

Smart Prepay Energy

Offer prepaid energy-as-a-service, a new payment model allowing maximum customer flexibility while controlling financial risk. Energy providers can significantly lower risk and OPEX by eliminating collection costs of unpaid energy bills and reducing billing complaints.
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A lot of Solar panels with wind mills

Meralco: Increasing Customer Value with a Prepaid Energy Solution

Utilizing real-time billing and charging to provide great accessibility, transparency and a superior customer experience.

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