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Helping Service Providers Quickly Monetize the Entire Partner Ecosystem

Today’s evolving world of new services and business models is creating new revenue streams for service providers and partners alike. This fundamental shifts in the telecom industry whereby walled gardens are being replaced by trusted partner networks that bring both best-of-breed content and new, never before seen non-telco services into the product mix. 

Providing Collaboration and Monetization 
The ability to deliver value by providing the collaboration and the monetization of these new services, both telco and non-telco alike, is key to service providers being able to monetize these new revenue streams. The ability to rapidly adapt, expand and nurture these multitude of partner relationships becomes paramount for successful
  • Provides collaboration
  • Monetize new services
  • For both telco and non-telco

Converged Settlement Across the Entire Partner Ecosystem
Redknee’s partner settlement solution helps service providers deliver converged settlement across the entire partner ecosystem—from managing mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to network sharing partnership, from complex over-the-top (OTT) partnerships to new machine to machine (M2M) agreements. Redknee’s solution enables service providers to address multi-party settlement requirements and manage the most complex partnership agreements.
  • Manage MVNOs to network sharing partnerships
  • Easily manage complex OTT partnerships and M2M agreements
  • Address multi-party settlement requirements

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