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Multi-Play Billing

Billing for any market, any service, any device. 
The modern digital economy is about creating new business partnerships, which means blurring the lines between communication service providers and enterprise businesses. Businesses of all types want to offer their customers the benefits of connectivity in today’s digital age, but they need a way to rate and charge for these new services. On the other hand CSP’s are also looking at new services to offer clients and many businesses are now offering services from a partner or third-party provider. 

Redknee’s multi-play billing solution enables any digital service provider to rate, charge, bill and market to customers - all from a single platform.
Bill for any market, any service, any device. 
Redknee’s agile, converged multi-play billing solution is architected to meet growing and changing needs of wireless, multi-play and cloud providers while delivering sophisticated features to support complex business models. In a digital economy, flexibility is key. Redknee’s converged billing solution enables the quick implementation of new real-time pricing structures for all subscriber types, and the ability to launch targeted, cross-service bundles and promotions quickly.
  • Rate and charge: for any digital service across multiple lines of business
  • Eliminate complexity: One bill and a single view of the customer
  • Multi-tenant: supports multiple users across different businesses
  • No restrictions: cross-industry campaigns, promotions and loyalty point programs

Designed for the connected world 
Redknee’s converged billing solution works seamlessly with the increasingly connected world. Telco and non-telco businesses can now offer real-time charging, billing and customer care for any digital service across multiple lines of business, all from the Redknee Unified platform. 
  • Seamless: out-of-the-box install for any platform
  • Real-time: charging, billing and customer care in real-time
  • Any service, any time: Real-time converged billing across multiple business lines and any partner ecosystem
  • Client care functionality: providing customer support via multiple channels

Manage your ever-growing partner ecosystem 
The new digital economy is expected to bring about increasingly complex partner ecosystems. Redknee’s open APIs support third party partnerships with built-in revenue share capabilities, ensuring all settlement interactions and exchanges are accounted for across the partner ecosystem.
  • Multi-play, cloud and wireless: flexible enough for any option
  • Adaptive: innovate as technology continues to change
  • Open APIs: support third party partnerships to grow revenue share