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MVNE/O Cloud-Based Billing

Agile, Flexible MVNE/O Billing Solution 

Today’s fast-moving mobile virtual network market demands an easy-to-use, flexible, reliable, scalable and affordable revenue management solution. Redknee’s cloud-based MVNE/O solutions are uniquely designed for MVNEs and MVNOs to bring greater flexibility, agility and speed to stay competitive in the highly saturated and quickly growing market. 

This solution allows for out-of-the-box setup, highly customizable options for any provider, campaign or service, and is a full end-to-end solution. Pioneers in the Telco billing and solutions space, Redknee helps MVNEs and MVNOs get to market faster than almost any other solution.

For the MVNE
Redknee’s mobile virtual network billing and customer care solution helps MVNEs keep miles ahead of the competition. MVNEs can support each of their MVNO partners with individual user accounts and hierarchies, enabling these partners valuable access to an easy-to-use and cost-effective end-to-end billing and customer care solution.  

  • End-to-end: provides complete pricing and product flexibility to your MVNOs 
  • Pre-configured campaigns: enable fast campaign and loyalty program launches for quicker competitive differentiation 
  • Secure: individual MVNO information is stored securely with separate restricted access
  • Automated self-care: reduces costs for the MVNO while increasing the subscriber experience 
  • Scalable and cost-efficient: a single pre-configured platform provides secure multi-tenant billing and grows as you grow 
  • Cloud based: onboard new MVNOs faster with lower total cost of ownership

For the MVNO
Redknee’s MVNO cloud-based solution integrates billing, charging, and analytics that enable the MVNO to take control of services and promotions as well as the customer experience. With increased visibility of its subscriber’s usage and purchasing behavior, MVNOs can quickly adapt to market trends and better target their subscribers by offering innovative services, creating real-time promotions and pricing plans, launching dynamic loyalty programs and ultimately, increasing the customer base by providing an advanced customer experience.

  • Faster time to market: take back the reins on what, how and when you launch services to the market 
  • Create unique offerings: differentiate your MVNO offerings to capture larger market share 
  • Gain deeper subscriber insight: better understand and excite customers through the use of powerful subscriber analytics 
  • Stay versatile while growing: minimize the investment risk with low initial investments and have the flexibility to host billing and customer care for other MVNOs using your platform 
  • Minimize CAPEX: support all prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid accounts from a single real-time converged platform for voice, SMS, and data 

For the MNO
Redknee’s mobile virtual network billing solution brings flexibility and scalability for service providers to be brand challengers and quickly launch a MVNO.  Redknee’s converged billing platform allows an MNO to claim market share, while securing valuable client relationships for the future.

  • Out-of-the-box functionality: low configurability and faster time to market 
  • End-to-end: addresses activation, provisioning, customer care, unified rating, messaging, real-time charging, billing and invoicing 
  • Segmented marketing: derived from powerful business intelligence and analytics for better target marketing
  • Revenue-share capabilities: for third-party partnership arrangements 
  • Flexible: enables MVNOs to react quickly to market needs, rolling out new services and delivering targeted, real-time promotions to stimulate and reward usage 

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