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Smart Pricing

Valuable Smart Offerings to Grow Customers and Business
With mobile data traffic soaring to over 52 million terabytes worldwide - and set to more than triple by 20181, communications service providers (CSPs) need to monetize thisgrowth. Over The Top (OTT) and app providers are already a step ahead - delivering an enhanced digital experience to customers including greater control, simplicity, transparency, and security. But CSPs are perfectly positioned to increase customer value and capture revenue from this growth. CSPs have a plethora of information and knowledge about customers and their devices - they just need products that allow them to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. 

While CSP’s have the means to look at what services and products customers use and what they are willing to pay. Many CSPs offer simple tiered data bundles and are not capturing or maximizing the potential value. By aggregating customer information from the network and devices, combined with Big data analytics, the intelligence can be used for real-time decision making and to provide the customer with smart pricing. 
So What is Smart Pricing?
Smart Pricing is the combination of customer contextual and behavioral information, events and triggers, even social media, to provide a better customer experience with personalized, valuable smart offerings that are delivered at the right time.

Driving Growth and Profitability
CSPs are in pole position when it comes to having the ability to understand, empower, engage, and guide the customer throughout their mobile experience. CSPs can increase the lifetime value of the customer by motivating them towards more valuable service usage and spending – smart pricing their offerings and services in ways that are attractive to the customer.

For competitive CSPs it’s time to make sure your business has the tools and systems it needs to increase customer ARPU and grow your bottom line.

To achieve success back-office and network infrastructure capabilities are required.
  • Integrated real-time charging and policy management, with traffic inspection
  • Convergent BSS environment, serving all customers on all CSP network technologies
  • Capability to manage multiple business partners and support content partnering and data sponsoring models
Redknee’s real time monetization and subscriber management solutions support more than 250 service providers to achieve more value. Utilize Redknee’s Smart Pricing to engage and delight customers with relevant, real-time offers – packaged, priced and delivered in ways that work for them.

Features of Redknee’s Smart Pricing Solution:
  • Innovative price and revenue models
  • Real-time, dynamic controls
  • 360 view of customer, device and network intelligence
  • Integrated policy control and charging
  • Business and subscriber analytics
  • Customer self-care

Gartner - Mobile Data Growth Worldwide in 2015

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