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Omni-Channel Care

The way we communicate is changing. People are constantly connected, in command, informed, social and always on. This new generation connected customer demands interaction via an increasingly wide range of channels—an experience that is seamless, relevant and self-manageable. Speed is the new strength for service providers. The ability to deliver the right offer at the righttime to subscribers across any channel, regardless of customer type is what separates today’s most successful service providers from the rest. 

Redknee’s omni-channel care solutions allow every service provider to leverage the channels that matter the most to their customers. Our platform allows for an unprecedented level of automation, through customer self-care, social media care and multi-channel care. 
Multi-channel Care
Redknee’s multi-channel care solution helps strengthen every customer touchpoint. Multi-channel care empowers subscribers to use the method of engagement they prefer, at their convenience. Meanwhile, customer care teams deliver an elevated customer experience, by leveraging a comprehensive, integrated view of the subscriber’s purchase behaviors, promotions and marketing preferences.
  • Pinpoint customer issues with a real-time, convergent view of the customer
  • Create, launch and manage services seamlessly across any channel
  • Simplify and speed up resolution time with easy-to-use interfaces
  • Compatible with web, mobile, retail, location and social media
Multi-channel Self-care 
Redknee’s multi-channel self-care solution elevates the customer experience by empowering subscribers with more control across multiple touch points including web, social, retail and mobile. The self-care environment is synchronized with the backend CRM, giving subscribers the ability to manage their account, earn and redeem loyalty points, and shop for services all without any agent interaction. Using real-time promotions and loyalty campaigns driven by real-time subscriber analytics, the solution helps grow wallet share by turning every self-care interaction into an upsell and cross-sell opportunity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with do-it-yourself services
  • Monetize every self-care interaction by offering real-time promotions
  • Reduce care costs by minimizing agent interaction
Customer Care via Social Media
A key cornerstone of a successful multi-channel, real-time customer engagement solution is its ability to address customers via their preferred channels. The ability to extend the customer reach into social networks and leverage the power of social marketing enables service providers to deliver a more personalized care experience— and one that has the ability to significantly reduce care costs.

Redknee’s social engagement platform allows service providers to interact, engage and manage subscribers and their experience—all via social media channels. Customers can self-manage their profiles and account, select new offers and tariff plans, view account balances in real-time, easily manage top-ups and vouchers, and accumulate and redeem reward points.
  • Leverage the power of social marketing
  • Deliver more personalized care experience while reducing care costs
  • Launch new offers and promotions
  • Offer special rates and incentives to early adopters

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