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Unlocking New Capabilities with Virtualization
Today’s Communication Service Providers (CSPs) look to virtualization as a means for speed: rapid launch of new business, swift deployment of new technology, more compatible resource management and peak load management. As one of the leaders in the telecom BSS industry, Redknee is a forerunner of virtualization strategies, deploying mission critical real-time monetization software in both public and private cloud environments at scale and leveraging virtualization to enable CSPs to become more agile and more scalable at the same time.
Agile is the New Efficient
Redknee sees virtualization as a technology strategy that enables CSPs to “do more for less” by being leveraging virtualization to get to market faster while taking advantage of the shared resource management that virtualization allows.Whether it’s a short-term goal, driven by speed to market for content-driven services or a long-term strategy that focuses on achieving lower hardware costs, Redknee is helping CSPs worldwide compete using virtualized systems and agile business models.
  • State of the art technology
  • Smooth migration of legacy services
  • Agile business models
  • Fast time to market
Compatible Resource Management
In providing fully product-based solutions, using systems configuration rather than a customization/services approach, and supporting transparent virtualization, Redknee allows CSPs to focus their energies on providing pricing and policy packages and services that enable rapid competition without the burden of tying software strategy to hardware strategy. This truly virtualized software approach provides unique value to CSPs, giving the IT and network departments the freedom to source hardware and operating systems independently of their applications.
  • Peak load Management
  • Systems configuration
  • Transparent virtualization
  • Freedom to source hardware
  • Deploy in both public and private cloud environments