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Integrated Policy and Charging Solution

Monetize Advanced Data Services
The influx of smart devices, beyond smartphones and tablets, is happening live. These countless new channels are rapidly expanding the use of mobile broadband, leading to an unprecedented diversity of bandwidth and volume requirements. Service providers are finding themselves at a key moment- watching from the sidelines as over-the-top services flourish. Broadband revenue is weighing down infrastructure investments and service providers are quickly realizing this. As a result, they are looking for adaptable, flexible resources to segment their markets and quickly monetize their relationships with the likes of content providers, M2M opportunities and cloud providers.
Monetize in Real-time
Ubiquitous connectivity requires CSPs to adapt quickly. Redknee’s Integrated Policy and Charging Solution allows for real-time monetization for even the newest technology partnerships.
  • Single, flexible resource
  • Fully integrated charging capabilities
  • Monetize advanced data services in real-time
  • Segment market and deliver highly target promotions and incentives
Stand Out in the Competitive Mobile Market
CSPs are aware that traditional telecom is morphing into the mobile of the future. Redknee’s Integrated Charging solution provides opportunities to offer new, high quality services and monetize them. 
  • Provide free or higher quality of service (QoS)
  • Easily access and monetize OTT relationships
  • Provide VoLTE access
  • Integrated Policy control

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