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4G/5G Monetization

Uncovering New Revenue Opportunities that Data is Creating
4G and 5G have shifted the basis of the communications industry. Ubiquitous, high speed and cheap bandwidth is available at any time of day and the smart device market is flooded and continually growing. Though over-the-top (OTT) services are accessible at the touch of a button, service providers’ value-add remains high- as long as they are strategic. CSPs have the opportunities to aggregate services, bundle them creatively, provide quality-of-service and other policy-driven differentiators, and even bill on behalf of the OTT players. Additionally, with the intelligence that real-time analytics provide, service providers offer additional value in terms of contextual real-time marketing campaigns that individual OTT/connected systems simply cannot.

Deliver Voice over LTE with Confidence

As LTE networks grow, so does acceptance and adoption for voice over LTE (VoLTE). Commercial deployment for VoLTE depends on a scalable, stable carrier-grade solution for policy and charging. As a leader in commercial VoLTE deployments, Redknee empowers service providers to take control of VoLTE’s complicated policy aspects with a flexible, extensible, out-of-the-box policy solution which ensures standards compliance and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Aggregate services: bundle and monetize any service
  • Deploy: Agile, seamless solution deployment and integration

Create Value for OTT and Partner Ecosystems

Redknee’s real-time data monetization solutions enables service providers to generate new revenues from the growing ecosystem of diverse data services such as rich content, OTT services and mobile entertainment. With its light footprint, configurability, real-time analytics and context-based campaign management, Redknee’s solution helps service providers to quickly begin monetizing these new revenue streams.
  • Monetize new services: quickly create new revenue streams
  • Leverage diverse data: enable rich content, OTT services and mobile entertainment

Deliver Intentional and Compelling Offers in Real Time

Successful monetization beyond the traditional bit pipe service provider is a complex game. It takes efficient operations, differentiated and innovative products and, most importantly, keen insight into how data is being used to deliver new compelling and intentional offers. Redknee’s data monetization solution leverages customer insight to deliver personalized, contextual offerings at the right time—delivering maximum value to the customer while growing share of wallet.
  • Deliver contextual, personalized offers: compel customers to buy with unique, timely offers that deliver personal, immediate value.
  • Develop customer growth strategies: grow share of wallet by delivering relevant offers that increase overall brand perception and customer lifetime value.
Monetize Mobile Entertainment
The advent and subsequent endless demand for video services is a major drive behind 4G/LTE deployments globally. The many different requirements that are associated with the many different video services available require an agile solution with enough agility to monetize these services quickly.

From ensuring quality of service for bandwidth heavy applications to offering sponsored content to premium subscribers, Redknee helps service providers start monetizing their data services faster than any other vendor.
  • Mobile entertainment: bill and charge for mobile entertainment and services
  • Monetize faster: go-to-market quickly with new partnerships and services