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Real-Time Monetization for a Real-Time World

Redknee is all about Real-time Monetization, empowering service providers and enterprises to succeed in this dynamic, connected mobile world. We process billions of transactions every hour of every day. From the emerging internet of things, including connected cars, smart cities and smart energy, to hundreds of communication providers around the world, Redknee is helping shape the business of tomorrow by improving how we access and purchase services today. 

Monetizing Services in Today’s Digital Economy 

Redknee enables businesses of all types to launch new services with lightning speed. To bill and charge for things in real-time. To manage complex partner ecosystems, and to market to their customers in new and innovative ways. Our solutions leverage the latest technologies and cloud capabilities, helping businesses to reduce the cost of doing business, while doing it faster and better than ever before. 

4G/5G Monetization

Go beyond a flat rate pricing plan and drive profitability by adding a deeper level of sophistication for protecting and monetizing network investments.
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Multi-play Monetization

Billing solutions for any market, any service, any device.
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IoT Monetization

Redknee’s IoT Monetization solution is a single, flexible platform that enables new revenue streams and business models across vertical markets.
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Our Customers

250 Service Providers Across 90+ Countries Serving more than 2 Billion Subscribers