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Our People

Redknee Corporate Culture

Redknee is a global culture where every employee truly does make a difference to our success. If you describe your ideal working environment as dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging; and you have a passion for learning and stretching outside your current boundaries – Redknee is for you.

Our Benefits Strategy

We strive to provide competitive benefits that enable us to attract and retain the best talent globally. Twice per year, we collect feedback from our team members to allow us to understand what is most important. Our goal is to provide a competitive benefits package in each country where we operate and our benefits packages are continually evolving to best meet the needs that exist in each market.

Our Compensation Strategy

We are a meritocracy and we reward results rather than seniority or endless hours of busy yet unproductive work. Our compensation packages are tailored on a country by country basis and are validated by market data in order to be competitive. All Redknee compensation packages have a variable or bonus component that is directly tied to personal and company results.

Investing in Our People

We know that top talent wants to continually learn and grow. Investing in our people is not only important for the individual but also to our success as an organization. The best way to learn is through hands-on experience. We continually challenge our team members while providing the support each individual needs to grow. Individual Development Plans are available to each team member and growth is limited only by your desire and results.

Flexible Work Schedules

Your success will be driven by results and your working day does not necessarily have to be worked within the standard hours. With manager approval, you can have some flexibility in the hours you work. We provide all necessary equipment to allow you to work remotely when required.

Casual Dress

Within our offices, we are a casual environment. Attire is business casual and jeans are OK every day. When working with our customers, we ask our team members to dress appropriately.