Redknee Solutions

Monetizing Today's Digital World

Redknee is the industry’s largest independent provider of converged billing and charging solutions for monetizing todays’ digital economy.

Redknee brings service providers the power to differentiate in an era where mobile users are more connected and demand to be in control, informed and always on.

Providing flexibility and scalability with on-premise, cloud-based and software-as-a-service solutions, Redknee delivers a low-risk, flexible way to meet your business needs. 

Be ready to monetize digital services from communications to utility, smart meters, transportation, connected homes and vehicles, and other future businesses as the growing ecosystem of the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves.

Revenue Management

Launch and drive revenue with innovative products and services quickly and cost-effectively no matter the type of service, customer or business model.
  • Real-time converged charging, billing, policy and customer care: Supports the entire customer lifecycle, harmonizing real-time transaction capabilities and customer data across all groups within the service provider organization— enabling them to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction, while personalizing and enhancing the subscriber experience.
  • Converged online charging: Provides flexibility and scalability to manage all customer types or services in real time, while providing improved customer transparency.
  • Integrated policy control and charging: Monetize your advanced data services, assure a high quality of experience, and deliver highly targeted promotions, differentiated service-specific charging and relevant incentives to your subscribers.
  • MVNO/MVNE billing: Brings greater flexibility and much needed agility to stay competitive, whether launching a secondary brand in a new market or looking to capture a different demographic in an existing market.
  • Convergent B2B settlement: Maximize the value of your network with the industry’s most accurate and cost-effective interconnect, CABS, content/partner and MNO/MVNO settlement solution available today.

Customer Experience

Empower the entire customer lifecycle with seamless transitions between retail and web in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction while reducing marketing and support costs.
  • Multi-channel care and self-care: Empower your customers to use the method of engagement they prefer, and a single, integrated CRM view that ensures the information, offers and support they receive is uniform across all channels.
  • Social media for customer care: Gain insight into customer behavior, create targeted, real-time campaigns and provide enhanced self-care options via social medial channels. 

Cloud Solutions

Launch a new brand, create a new line of business or virtualize existing infrastructure faster with Redknee’s cloud solutions.
  • Fully hosted, cloud-based BSS: Enables service providers to be the fastest to market using a low-risk investment strategy. It manages the entire customer lifecycle—all in real-time.
  • Virtualized BSS at scale: Deploy the world’s most scalable, reliable virtualized BSS and mission critical applications in private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

4G Monetization

Go beyond a flat rate pricing plan and drive profitability by adding a deeper level of sophistication for protecting and monetizing network investments. 
  • Integrated policy & charging control: Monetize advanced data services, assure a high quality of experience, and deliver highly targeted promotions, differentiated service-specific charging and relevant incentives to subscribers while substantially reducing the overall operational expenses associated with managing multiple platforms.
  • Wi-Fi Offload: Simplify the subscriber Wi-Fi experience and provide the highest Quality of Service (QoS), while achieving new revenue and better 3G/4G network utilization. 

Marketing Solutions

Use real-time, interactive business and subscriber analytics to quickly define and launch targeted, differentiated campaigns via multiple channels.
  • Advanced business and subscriber analytics: Discover, analyze and manage data in real-time and conduct complex data analytics to trigger new campaigns immediately.
  • Real-time campaign management: Quickly define and launch targeted, differentiated campaigns via multiple channels, achieve cross-service campaigning, gain immediate insight into campaign success, and further accelerate time to market with out-of-the-box marketing use cases.

Connected Suite – Utilities, Home & Transportation

The Redknee Connected Suite enables businesses to monetize digital services across various industries – from utilities and smart meters, to transportation, connected homes and more. Powered by Redknee Unified, the Connected Suite provides real-time rating, charging and billing with carrier-grade scalability and real-time accuracy and speed.
  • High throughput and scalability: Manage billions of events or transactions in real-time.
  • Partner billing and settlement: Manage the complex IoT partner ecosystem.
  • Dynamic rate and tariff plans: Support various business models and payment types. 
  • Cross bundling of offerings: Bundle offers and promotions across various industry verticals.
  • Cloud-based: Scale up or down with ease. Cost efficient and secure.

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