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At Redknee we believe we are not successful until our customers are

What is customer success:

Customer success is working in partnership with our customers to create goals based on business needs. We work together with our customer to identify the best monetization solutions and services to deliver success for all our customer and their clients.

Our customer success program is driven by the following foundations and beliefs;

  • Defining success with our customer

Redknee works together with our customers to define goals and measurable business impacts. This ensures we know where you are heading and how to measure success.

  • Develop a work plan

Build a plan that identifies the best solutions and defines the steps needed to achieve business impact and success. In partnership we will work to deliver the best solutions to create success for you.

  • Hold regular success calls

Redknee works together with our customer to track success. We are an open book and believe transparency and simplicity are critical to achieving success. Regular bi-annual executive reviews ask “Are you successful?”, reasons for success, areas for improvement and the targets for the next 6 months are all critical discussion points.

  • Hold us to a high standard

Redknee understands to be the best we need to hold ourselves to a high standard. We measure success against your metrics with a simple yes or no - eliminating ambiguity and focusing on delivering the business value and success you expect.

Our Customers

250 Service Providers Across 90+ Countries Serving more than 2 Billion Subscribers